The Best Sandwiches in Miraflores, Lima

Whenever I stay in Miraflores, I end up eating a lot of sandwiches. It could be because I’m there doing boring paperwork or embassy stuff and don’t have much time or inclination to eat a proper meal. Or it could be because I like eating sandwiches late at night after having a few beers. Probably the latter.

Either way, there are a handful of places around Parque Kennedy that have served me well over the years, both for post-bar cravings and for quick and easy snacks in the capital…

La Lucha Sangucheria

La Lucha, Miraflores

Late-night diners inside La Lucha, Miraflores (photo © Tony Dunnell)

La Lucha ( is probably my top choice for sandwiches in central Miraflores.

Located at Av. Diagonal 308 on the western side of Parque Kennedy (with another location in San Isidro), La Lucha quickly became one of the most popular sangucherias in the heart of Miraflores when it opened a few years ago. It now has a loyal following and a fair amount of critical acclaim, not least from Peruvian super chef Gastón Acurio.

The queues can be long especially at peak hours, but it’s worth waiting in line for a while as you’ll be rewarded with high quality sandwiches in a bustling but comfortable diner-style environment complete with old black and white photos of Lima.

You’ll find a good selection of tempting sandwiches and burgers to choose from, including traditional fillings such as lechón (suckling pig), chicharrón (fried pork), jamon del pais (Peruvian ham, accompanied by salsa criolla) and pavo (turkey).

And then there are the chunky huayro potato fries, which really up the ante when comparing La Lucha with its close competitors. Wash all this down with a thick shake or refreshing fruit smoothie and you have a pretty amazing meal, be it for lunch or as an alcohol-inspired Friday night 3 a.m. treat.

La Lucha opens from 8.00 am to 1.00 am from Sunday to Thursday, and 8.00 am to 3.00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Sandwiches and burgers range from S/.10 to S/.23 ($3.50 to $7.00).


Chicharrón sandwich with fries at República

Chicharrón sandwich with fries at República (photo © Tony Dunnell)

On the same side of Parque Kennedy and just up the road from La Lucha is República (Av. Diagonal 220), a place that sells almost every type of Peruvian fast food imaginable, from chicharrón sandwiches to arroz chaufa (fried rice), salchipapas, pollo broaster and hamburgers.

República is owned by the same people that own La Lucha, so the sandwiches, shakes and juices are comparable (and slightly cheaper), although La Lucha still gets my vote. The hamburgers — “100% homemade” using the famous salt from Maras near Cusco — are good and not too expensive, and the yellow potato fries are almost as tasty and texturally satisfying as La Lucha’s huayro fries.

If you can’t quite decide whether you want a sandwich or something else, then República is a great option, with plenty of alcohol-absorbing fast food fodder from which to choose. Sandwiches range from S/.10 to S/.13; full meals from S/.15 to S/.22.

Any Butifarra Food Cart in Parque Kennedy

Roast pork butifarra

It’s hard to beat a roast pork butifarra (photo © Tony Dunnell)

In Peru, a butifarra is a traditional sandwich containing jamon del pais (slices of Peruvian-style ham) with salsa criolla, lettuce and chili. Food carts, such as those found in Parque Kennedy, serve up variations on the classic butifarra, including sandwiches containing roasted pork or turkey (or both) with onions and whatever sauces you desire.

A classic roast pork butifarra, packed with thick slices of meat, costs about S/.10. And believe me when I say that these mouthwatering sandwiches are perfect for a late night meal, and just as good for a sit-down lunch on a bench in the park. Most butifarra food stands also sell hot drinks like hot chocolate and coffee (don’t expect anything gourmet here), and cold chicha morada (a refreshing drink made from purple corn).

Sandwiches Miguel (CLOSED)

Sandwiches Miguel, Miraflores

Sandwiches Miguel (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Sandwiches Miguel is now closed and, as far as I’m aware, never reopened in another location (which is a damn shame, really).

For quite a while, Sandwiches Miguel was my go-to place after leaving a bar or club in Miraflores. I still like standing in front of the flattop grill watching these guys flip eggs, dice onions and splat burgers on the sizzling surface, but I’d now put Miguel in the “best when tipsy” category.

Unsurprisingly, Miguel’s is at its busiest after dark. And, while you won’t find much in the way of culinary artistry (although Gastón Acurio apparently gives it the thumbs up), you’ll certainly satiate any late night hunger pangs with their selection of over-stuffed sandwiches. My personal favorite is the pechugona (chicken breast).

Oh, and if you don’t like papas al hilo — those thin little potato stick things that Peruvians love to put in sandwiches — tell the chef in advance or you’ll be picking them out and scraping them off for a good five minutes.

Sandwiches Miguel is located on Av. Diagonal near the southwest corner of Parque Kennedy. Sandwiches range from about S/.8 to S/.15 (US$3 to $5.50). (CLOSED), Miraflores (photo © Tony Dunnell) has also succumbed to the twin ravages of time and economics, and no longer exists. (Av. Diagonal 224) is a bit further up the street from Sandwiches Miguel. It’s a small place that fills up quickly with a mixed crowd of loyal customers and random passersby. As well as sandwiches, offers a good range of smoothies and fruit juices (look for daily deals such as two for one), thick shakes and classic Peruvian dishes (the latter starting at about S/.17, or US$6).

The club sandwich is a tasty option, kind of pricey but enough for two to share. If you’re more interested in local cuisine, order one of two classic Peruvian sandwiches: the butifarra sandwich containing Peruvian ham and salsa criolla, or the awesome chicharron sandwich stuffed with fried pork, camote (sweet potato) and red onions. opens every night until 1:00 am, staying open until 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Despite its name, does not have a website, which is quite refreshing really…

If this has started your appetite we also suggest you check out a tour comparison website with heaps of info and all the different options to fill your taste buds.

What’s Your Favorite Sandwich in Miraflores?

If you have a favorite place for a sandwich in Miraflores — or anywhere else in Lima for that matter — let us know in the comments section below. I’ll do my best to check them out next time I’m in Lima. Cheers!

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