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Peru from Space

Few humans are lucky enough to look down on Peru from space, but we earth-bound specks can at least appreciate the stunning images taken by orbiting satellites and astronauts To view one of the following NASA images in all its...

labrador peru

The Big Picture: Max the Peruvian Labrador

OK, so this is an overly indulgent photo on my part Yep, this is Max (Máximo to be precise) and he is my little black labrador He was about three-months-old in the photo above, which I took a few weeks ago in the main square of...

peru earthquake 2011

The Big Picture: Resolute Peruvians After the Bagua Earthquake

Travellers stuck behind the wreckage of the Bagua earthquake had two options: turn back to the north coast or cross the twisted landscape on foot The 64 magnitude quake of May 2010 had obliterated large sections of the...

san juan festival peru

The Big Picture: San Juan Festival, Shapaja, Peru

For Peruvians in the San Martin department of Peru, the banks of the Rio Huallaga provide numerous spots for swimming, drinking and relaxing On June 24, the banks of the Huallaga come alive for the Festival of San Juan, an...

amazon river sunset

Views From an Amazon River Boat Trip

Emily Culver has just got back from an Amazon River boat trip Here are some of her favorite photos from the voyage After much searching -- and with a bit of help from my more accustomed fellow travelers -- I managed to...

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