The aim of HowtoPeru is to provide information about the various aspects of Peru travel, from planning your trip to traveling in Peru and then all the way back home again (if you decide to go back home…)

Whether it’s your first trip or you are a seasoned traveler, the information here is designed to cover all aspects.

Many of the Peru travel tips that you will find here are equally relevant for trips throughout South America. A lot of backpackers will be doing a grand tour of the continent, traveling from one country to the next, so any helpful advice found here can literally go a long way.

Peru Tips & Advice – Join In

HowtoPeru encourages you to get involved – your comments, questions and criticisms are all welcome here. If you can add to any information then great; equally, if you disagree with something then that’s just as valid. If you have any questions about any aspects of Peru travel then feel free to ask, either in the comments box or privately using the contact form.

What Peru Information Can You Find Here?

You will find a few categories here – hopefully these will help you to navigate around the site and find the Peru information that you need (and other tips that you never even considered). However, there are two basic sides to HowtoPeru: preparing for your Peru adventure and traveling in Peru itself. These naturally overlap at times.

Peru Preparation – Preparing and planning for a Peru trip varies greatly depending upon where you are going and how long you intend to travel. Both of these factors will be taken into account when considering things such as preparation, planning and packing.

Traveling in Peru – You’ll find plenty of information here to help make your trip go smoothly. No-one can plan for everything – as you travel around you’ll probably find yourself looking for more information. HowtoPeru will hopefully be able to fill in any gaps. You can also get advice here (or be directed to appropriate sources) if you happen to run into any problems in Peru.

That’s just a quick overview – there will be plenty more here to enhance your Peru travel experience. You can subscribe to HowtoPeru by email or RSS in order to receive new post updates, and feel free to leave a comment for whatever reason. If you come across any polls that relate to your own experience, go ahead and cast your vote…

Thanks for reading and happy travels!