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Peruvian slang words and phrases - latino family walking together

50+ Peruvian Slang Words and Phrases

Peruvian slang words and phrases, known as jerga, can be heard throughout the country You'll also come across plenty of slang in Peru's trashy and sensationalist tabloid newspapers Even if you've perfected your spoken Spanish,...


Do You Need to Learn Spanish for Peru?

Here's the short answer: no, you don't need to learn Spanish for traveling in Peru Great: no classes, no Spanish language CDs, just a little phrasebook and off you go Hang on now, nothing in life is so simple Is it Necessary to...


Football in Spanish: Vocabulary and Phrases

If you are heading to Peru (or South America in general) and like the idea of having a kick-around with some future Nolberto Solano, it will help if you know some Spanish football terminology (soccer vocabulary for those of a...


Gringo Definition: Origin and Meaning

As soon as you step foot in Latin America, there’s a good chance that your nationality will take second place to your new classification: gringo As a foreigner, the locals will often tag you with this broad and flexible label...

spanish tongue twisters

Spanish Tongue Twisters: Trabalenguas

Spanish tongue twisters serve two truly tremendous tasks: Spanish learners can use them to increase vocabulary Because of the rhythm and concentration requirements, tongue twisters really stick in your memory I first heard...

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