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Ayacucho Ultimate Travel Guide

Located in Southern Peru, Ayacucho is often hailed as a one of a kind destination, effortlessly combining the colors, the history and the adventure that so many travelers revel in on their journey through Peru Whether you choose...


Chachapoyas to Host 10th National Ornithological Congress in May

A guest post by Chachapoyas resident Kerry Gubits There's a little bit of everything for everyone in Chachapoyas, it seems If your tastes run to “birdwatching,” you can try this: Miss World Peru 2017 Or you can...

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In Praise of Peruvian Beauty Pageants

Along the arid southern coast of Peru, near the expansive vineyards of Ica, they are put to work trampling grapes in large wooden vats In the humid high jungles of the east, they are interrogated with probing questions about...

Inti Raymi festival

Inti Raymi, Peru’s Biggest Inca Festival

Guest blogger Paul Jones lives in Peru and writes for Totally Latin America SA, a specialized travel company that plans and operates Peru vacation packages Each year on June 24, the Andean city of Cusco celebrates the biggest...


Moyobamba Travel Guide

Do you know about the small, beautiful city in Northern Peru, called Moyobamba Often considered to be a hidden part of paradise in the elusive Amazon Rainforest, this is the perfect place to experience adventure, nature, culture...

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