Choquequirao: Discover Cusco’s Hidden Cradle of Gold!

Choquequirao ruins in Cusco, Machu Picchu Alternative

For many exploring Cusco, there’s only one destination on your mind: Machu Picchu. The numbers visiting the attraction are growing massively meaning the citadel can be very overrun. Enter stage right: the less known, but equally amazing Choquequirao, a fantastic alternative trek to the overcrowded Machu Picchu!

Pachamama Raymi: Peru’s Festival for Mother Earth

Pachamama Raymi Celebrations: The Day of Mother Earth

During the first week of August every year, Peruvians and Ecuadorians celebrate Pachamama Raymi, or as it translates in English, the “Festival of Mother Earth.” In the former Inca capital of Cusco, people give their tributes to Pachamama, or Mother Earth, to show thanks for blessing their crops which have been supporting their families and friends for generations.

Lima Free Walking Tour: The Best Way to Explore the City!

Lima Free Walking Tour to Historic Center of Lima

With its incredible mix of Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant culinary and arts scenes, and a spectacular scenic coastline, Lima is a can’t-miss destination in South America. The best Lima Free Walking Tour departs from the official Tourist Information Center in Miraflores daily at 10:15 A.M.

How to Visit Lake Titicaca in Peru

isla taquile lake titicaca

You’ve probably heard about Lake Titicaca: big lake, high altitude, floating islands and ancient culture. This Andean lake is one of Peru’s leading tourist attractions, both for its stunning landscapes and indigenous communities.