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Fishing in Peru

Fishing In Peru: Best 5 Spots

From the north to the south of Peru, its coastline stretches over 2500km (1500miles) and although the lands along the coast are often arid or even plain desert, its waters are teaming with life The Pacific seems like an...

Hostels and hotels in Iquitos

Hostels and Hotels in Iquitos

Accommodation is quite expensive in Iquitos, a city where prices tend to be higher than normal due to the isolated location and the fact that Iquitos, to a certain extent, is a bit of a tourist trap I spent about two weeks...

Lake Sandoval Beautiful Oxbox Lake in Tambopata National Reserve in Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Iquitos vs. Puerto Maldonado: Where to Book Your Trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

A visit to the Amazon Rainforest is on most people's must-see list for their visit to Peru It's true that the jungle is more often associated with Peru's giant neighbor Brazil, which is home to over half of the Amazon river...

Peru Travel Itinerary - Top 3

Peru Travel Itinerary – Our Top 3 Picks for 2022

So, you’re planning a trip to the mystical country of Peru For those who want to discover the best of this wonderful country, we’ve put together the 3 best travel routes, with different itineraries so you can find the perfect...

Ceviche and chicharrón de doncella combo at El Rincon de Panchito

Recommended Restaurants in Iquitos

If you’re one of those culinary traveler types -- or if you just like eating well -- then you’ll have a good time exploring the restaurants of Iquitos It can be an expensive city for food and drink, due to both its isolated...

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