Cusco | How to Peru
Group of travelers jumping at Bolivian salt flats after journey from Cusco to Uyuni

Cusco To Uyuni Made Easy: How to Get to the Bolivian Salt Flats

For many exploring the wonders of South America, the journey from Cusco to Uyuni is almost a rite of passage for those coming to the end of their adventure in Peru, and beginning a new one in the beautiful country of Bolivia...

The view from Machu Picchu

How High is Machu Picchu and What’s the Risk of Altitude Sickness?

Here’s the good news: the archaeological site of Machu Picchu is just below the minimum height at which altitude sickness can occur The central point of Machu Picchu sits at about 2,430 meters (7,970 feet) above sea level,...

Lima to Cusco by bus via Nazca, Abancay

How to Get From Lima to Cusco by Bus

Lima to Cusco by bus is the most popular route taken by tourists visiting Peru There are a few options to get to Cusco from Lima by bus, either directly or by taking shorter hops from place to place If you go direct from Lima to...

Inca Jungle Trek River

Inca Jungle Trek: The Intrepid Traveler’s Path to Machu Picchu

A lot of people who visit Peru wonder what the best trek to Machu Picchu is With all the different treks, it's hard to figure out which one is the best to take This blog will talk about a unique option that combines...

Inti Raymi festival

Inti Raymi, Peru’s Biggest Inca Festival

Guest blogger Paul Jones lives in Peru and writes for Totally Latin America SA, a specialized travel company that plans and operates Peru vacation packages Each year on June 24, the Andean city of Cusco celebrates the biggest...

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