Views From an Amazon River Boat Trip

Emily Culver has just got back from an Amazon River boat trip. Here are some of her favorite photos from the voyage…

amazon river trip hammocks

After much searching — and with a bit of help from my more accustomed fellow travelers — I managed to find a space on the deck to hang my own hammock.

amazon riverboat

My home for five days was one of the more spacious of the Amazon’s riverboats. Most river travelers make their journey on far more rickety craft.

amazon river boat tripAt each and every stop along the way, our boat dropped off cargo for the villages and picked up a consignment of bananas or other produce from the forest.

amazon river fishing

Unsurprisingly, fish is one of the main staples of the Amazonian diet. Along the banks of the Amazon and its tributaries, Peruvians spend much time and attention fishing, repairing nets and building boats.

amazon river sunset

In a flat and tree-lined landscape, the spectacular, low sunsets are all but impossible to catch. But the afternoon sun and heavy raincloud are still a magnificent sight.

amazon river trip kids

These two kids, Lizbeth and Cristobal, were my “neighbors” for the five days. They slept in the hammock next to me.


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