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Pool Paradise, Lima´s only pool hostel

Finding affordable accommodation in a safe area is usually quite challenging. We found Pool Paradise Lima to be the perfect alternative for saving money while still staying in a beautiful and safe district of Lima.

Why Peru Hop IS worth it!

Last updated: 9th March, 2018 On my travels, I spent some time trying to decide whether Peru Hop would be worth the money or not. According to a lot of different online sources, the reviews had been quite mixed. While some people complained about it being overpriced, others said the many perks made up for…

Peru Bolivia Border Crossing Nightmare

We started our trip from Lima and needed to get to La Paz as quickly as possible because we had overstayed our tourist visas in Peru. Flying was out of the question as the cheapest flights we could find were around $350-400 U.S

5 Reasons Not to Use Uber in Lima

Last updated: 9th March, 2018 Thinking of using Uber while visiting Lima? You’re probably better off without. Uber has recently been getting a bad rep for several things. Treating drivers badly, ignoring customer complaints and the several lawsuits from the drivers, customers, governments and competitors. In Lima, these problems are even worse. The loud, hectic…