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Why Peru Hop IS worth it!

On my travels, I spent some time trying to decide whether Peru Hop would be worth the money or not. According to a lot of different online sources, the reviews had been quite mixed.

Peru Bolivia Border Crossing Nightmare

We started our trip from Lima and needed to get to La Paz as quickly as possible because we had overstayed our tourist visas in Peru. Flying was out of the question as the cheapest flights we could find were around $350-400 U.S

Israeli-Owned Selina Hostels Comes to Peru

View of Selina Hostels Location Red Frog

Last updated: 25th June, 2018 The Israeli-owned Selina Hostels chain has announced that they are opening a branch in Lima, with plans for Cusco and Ica locations also in the works. Selina has been turning heads with its astonishing growth over the past few years, expanding from a single location in Panama to 23 locations…

Uros Floating Islands: A Must See at Lake Titicaca

Totora Reed Boat on Lake Titicaca

Last updated: 26th June, 2018 Getting There When we arrived in Puno, the sun was shining. I was extremely excited to explore the Uros floating islands that I had heard so much about. These floating islands were such a mystery to me at the time, but it’s safe to say I came away with an…

Peru Desert Oasis: The Trip Of a Lifetime

Peru Desert Oasis at night

Last updated: 11th July, 2018Peru Desert Oasis: The Trip Of a Lifetime Easily one of the highlights of my whole trip to Peru was visiting the Peru Desert Oasis, Huacachina. I had seen some photos of the desert before my visit, but it completely surpassed all of my expectations. Going to Huacachina has the perfect…

Paragliding Lima: Experience having Lima at your feet

People paragliding Lima

Last updated: 11th July, 2018 If visiting the beautiful capital city of Peru there is no better way to take in your surroundings than by paragliding Lima. When you visit the coast of Lima’s Miraflores district, it is impossible not to see a handful of paragliders soaring through the sky. This adventurous pastime is probably…