20 of the Best Bloggers Travelling in South America – 2020

If you are making plans to travel in 2020, South America is the best place to start. This continent offers the best spots, from relaxing beaches, tropical jungle to challenging treks, it has it all! Our friends from Peru Hop have put together a list of the 20 Best Bloggers travelling in South America, you can find the best tips, honest reviews and just about all you need to know before and while on your journey.

This list (in no particular ranking order) has a wide mix, from honeymooning couples to extreme long-term travelers, and they all have one thing in common: they have shared amazing, authentic posts of their experiences in some part of South America.

Uyuni flags- Bolivia in South America 

1. The Blog Abroad

Gloria is originally from the United States and to tell the truth, she is not only one of the best travel bloggers, she is also an inspiration to all her followers! On 2013 she turned into a full-time nomad and in 2015 she started this platform, since then, she has managed to take us all on her adventures just through her great posts and amazing pictures! Like she mentions on her blog, she is now living out of a suitcase and loving it! She has recently published “From Excuses to Excursions” a book that you just can’t miss! Read more about her on The Blog Abroad

The blog abroad- Travelling in South America

Machu Picchu, Peru


2. We Live We Explore

Kirk and Mish are in love with the idea of exploring the world, these 2 Australians decided to follow their dream and in September of this year they began travelling around the globe while learning different cultures and assisting locals in need. They have been in South America for a couple of months now, currently exploring Peru. The document some amazing adventures such as hiking the Colca Canyon in Arequipa and the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, completing the Salkantay Trek, exploring the Sacred Valley and many more. Don’t miss their South America adventures and amazing pictures on @weliveweexplore

Uyuni in Bolivia - Travelling in South America

Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia


3. Kiwis Off Course

Bianca and Brett are from New Zealand, thinking the world was too big and too far from them, they decided to dream big and get out and explore…and so they did. After moving to London, where they put together a bucket list and planned everything out. They started travelling around Europe and then before they knew, they were off to their following destination. Read about them and their great adventures around the globe on Kiwisoffcourse.com

Kiwi's off course - Travelling in South America

Swing to The End of The World in Ecuador


4. Drink Tea And Travel

Traveling had always been their passion and after many years of a long-distance friendship their love for adventure brought them together in Australia. After about 2 years of hard work and planning, fuelled by curiosity and a sense of adventures Oksana and Max started their amazing adventure! They got married in Costa Rica and planned on travelling around Central and South America for their honeymoon, unfortunately an injury on Oksana’s leg put their plans on standby, but as nothing stops these two adventurers, they were still able to visit Colombia and made it to the Rio Olympics in Brazil!! Looks like 2020 will be a great travelling year for them as they will be going to Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, be sure to stay tuned for their posts on Drinkteatravel.com. As an aside: We love the name of their blog!!!

Christ the redeemer in Brazil, South America

Christ the Redeemer in Brazil


5. Glodny Swiata

From Poland to the World! Filip visited 18 countries in 12 months as part of his culinary trip, he started in Tokyo and made it all the way to South America! He has definitely handled to enjoy both of his passions at the same time perfectly fine. He is currently writing a book full of recipes so you can take the same trip he did in your own kitchen. Don’t forget to check out his post about Peru: the best culinary destination in the world! Glodnyswiata.pl. Stolat Stolat Filip!!

Glodny Swiata - travelling South America

Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru


6. Wanderreds

Alvaro is 28, he is originally from Spain and has visited 68 countries while working a 9-5 job! If you thought that wasn’t possible, he is the living proof that we all can travel while having a full-time job! He manages to travel every day when he is not working – whether it is a holiday or just summer vacations – he will be out there adding a new country to his list. He plans on visiting 100 countries before he is 30, and all 196 after that! We are more than sure he will make it, so don’t miss out how on Wanderreds.

Wanerreds - Travelling South America

The Chiguana Desert in Bolivia


7. Vida De Mochila

Richard Oliveira is a Brazilian backpacker travelling solo and exploring the world. As he mentions on plenty of his posts, he is always learning from each country he visits and every person he meets, new friends or new habits, everything all together has now showed him that the world is too big to just keep dreaming about it. Through his posts, he shares tips and reviews of best accommodations as he travels, with over 111k followers on Instagram, Vida de Mochila is definitely a complete guide for all the adventurers out there!

Vida de Mochila - travelling South America

Laguna 69 in Huaraz, Peru


8. Backpackways

Ram is an aviator that left his job and flapped his own wings to live the life he always dreamed of. Before he started travelling, he had already visited 25 countries but that was not enough for him, he continued seeking for adventure on his own, discovering the least travelled places and confronting the challenging problems thrown at him. He recently visited us and was amazed by our home continent. Visit Backpackways a platform created for us to enjoy his trips as much as he does. This site is full of excellent city guides and useful posts!

backpackways - South America

Iguazu Falls in Brazil


9. O. Christine

Olivia Christine, is a travel blogger that gives us free access to destination guides and travel and wellness reviews. When she was a teenager she was diagnosed with Lupus, but far from stopping her, this actually made her think about her lifestyle. She saved up, sorted things out with her doctor, improved her health and pretty much was ready to explore around! She is definitely an inspiration to all explorers and fighters out there! Don’t miss her adventures on O.Christine.com.

o.christine travelling South America

Atacama Desert in Chile


10. One Step 4ward

Johnny from Onestep4ward is a huge travel blogger! Originally from N. Ireland he is literally travelling to every single country in the world. Based in Thailand, while he is not travelling he shares the best tips on how to redesign your lifestyle. He also has heaps of articles on how to follow in his footsteps and become a successful travel blogger, and he should know having made over $1.500.000 USD in the past 5 years while traipsing the globe!! Check out the awesome video of him getting a kiss from a wild llama at the top of Machu Picchu Peru, it’s aaaamaaaziiing!! I wish I had thought of that!!

Onestep4ward- South America

Biking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


11. World of Wonderlust

Brooke Saward is a 24-year-old blogger, she was always encouraged by her parents to “do what she loves” and following that she started travelling around the world while blogging, it was after 6 months that she turned her new hobby into a business. World of Wonderlust is a space where you can find travel and lifestyle tips. It has inspired others to travel and live a more adventurous life.

World of Wonderlust in South America

Torres del Paine Chile

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12. Gideon Lasco

Gideon Lasco is from the Philipines, he is a licensed physician, medical anthropologist, and writer. His love for hiking/mountain climbing, has taken him around the world and he even created a recommended guide for hiking in the Philipines. Gideon travelled to South America earlier this year and visited Peru and Bolivia. Read more about him on Gideonlasco.com

Gideon Lasco travelling Ecuador South America

The Ecuador Andes


13. A Passport Can Take You Everywhere

Sarah is a 21-year-old German blogger who loves to learn languages and new cultures, she has travelled quite a bit around the world and of course she was able to visit South America as well. She is currently studying in the Netherlands and taking any chance to travel. In the meantime she writes posts about her daily life, check out her tips and reviews on A passport can take you everywhere.

paracas national reserve - South America

Paracas National Reserve in Peru


14. Wanderlicious

Martjee left behind a comfortable job and her old life to what she never thought would be the best time of her life. Over 4 years ago, she boarded her one- way flight to Paradise (aka Cancun) and so her adventure began! After a couple of years on the road she decided to start writing about her adventures and sharing them with us. Best.decision.ever. I would say, as she has inspired many of her followers to take that risk and step out of their comfort zones. As a traveler, she has experienced almost anything you can think of, developed the best friendships and tried new things she wouldn’t have before. I can definitely say that her life all together is an awesome story! Check out her blog on Wanderlicious.

New years Rio de janeiro- South America

New Year’s Party in Rio de Janeiro


15. Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily’s greatest passions are travelling and photography. They decided to make their lives more interesting and take a chance on doing what they love, they took a one-way flight to Mexico with enough to be covered for a couple of years. They have been travelling since then, living and falling in love with every country they go and of course sharing all their adventures through their blog Along Dusty Roads. On their site, you can find their reviews and guides of their trip to our continent, amazing pictures and tips to help you make the most of your time and money. Check it out!

Las Malvinas - Best Bloggers south america

Las Malvinas in Argentina


16. Hand Luggage Only

Wanting to connect with travelers on the Internet, Yaya and Lloyd came up with Hand Luggage Only. Since 2014 they write about their trips and share their great pictures, they had already been doing this on social media, but they went for more and created this cool platform to share their adventures around the world.

Rainbow Mountain in Cusco - South America

The Rainbow Mountain in Cusco


17. Laura Grier Travel

Travel blogger and photographer, Laura Grier has documented the world one picture at a time. She grew up in Indonesia and the US and it seems like that intercultural beginning triggered her passion for travelling and photography. It didn’t take long for her to find success, she has had some cool jobs and great professional experiences and along with her skills, her career has taken her around the globe. Check out her great posts and portfolio @lauragriertravel

Lake Titicaca - Travelling South America

Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru


18. Adventure Faktory

Thuymi and Mitch. Boy meets girl. Canada meets Australia!! As they say, two opposites that just work perfectly together when it comes to travelling. This nomad couple goes around the world while sharing their adventures on their blog Adventure Faktory. They believe life is too short to live in one city… and they are right! They are currently in Dubai, writing about their trips and planning their future adventures.

Death Road Bolivia- South America

The Death Road in Bolivia


19. World Pins

Jason is a travel and landscape photographer and blogger, he created World Pins to capture and share his favourite places visited in the world. Each “World Pin” he shared is a very interesting and unique place on the map. Check out his portfolio and his recent post about his experience with us! He travels to all kind of off the beaten track locations and we love his blunt and witty take on all experiences!!

Huacachina dunes in South America

The Huacachina Dunes in Ica, Peru


20. Tanlines For Two

After living the “busy city life” in London, Chris and Katie thought they needed a change and so they started an ambitious and different way of travelling…on a bike..! With all their savings, they began their dream in Croatia, Europe and then moved around until they managed to come to our side of the world. This is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that of course they are in love with. Their two-wheel adventure will continue to bring us some amazing stories not to mention fantastic pictures! Make sure to read them on Tanlinesfortwo.com.

lake titicaca in puno , travelling south america

Biking around Lake Titicaca in Puno


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