6 Best Places To See Llamas And The Peruvian Culture

To go to Peru and not meet the famous llamas, your tour is incomplete (and disappointing!). For this reason, before you board the plane, you should know that sooner or later you’ll have a meeting with these cute animals.

Prepare your camera because the llamas are really photogenic!

This animal is the symbol of Peru: you find them in the streets, in touristic destinations and in most pictures of Machu Picchu.

But don’t get carried away by the tranquility of llamas. In incan times, they were very valuable animals because they did the work that horses did in other civilizations.Many pieces of pottery show how sacred this animal was. Llamas in Peru are so sacred that there even ceremonies and religious festivals where they are sacrificed to the god sun. These rituals are performed at sacsayhuaman. They can be confused with their no less important cousins: alpacas, vicuñas guanacos. Awanakancha, on road from <a=” “=”” href=”https://www.hotelurbano.com/pacote/machu-picchu-lima-cusco-passeio-aereo-hotel/840373?cmp=30193″ target=”_blank”>Cusco to Pisac, there is a species protection and breeding center where they can help you know the differences between the 4 species. This “alive museum of the Andes” is ready to receive tourists in its zoo and offers a workshop to learn, firsthand, how to identify them.

Places to get to know llamas and Peruvian culture

Machu Picchu

The sacred city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, is always surrounded by an aura of mystery – and the llamas lighter in the landscape.



Another very important archaeological site of Peru is Kuelap. Also located in the Andes, this city was built by the Chachapoya culture – large stones in monumental conditions. It is surrounded by cliffs and cliffs on three sides of the city. A trip full of adventure. The vicuñas seem to know of these mysteries as anyone!

Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, and China. This World Heritage Site is composed of pyramids, temples among other archaeological ruins.

Arequipa. From the town of Hanchipacha, the walk of just over three hours in the pleasant company of sheep and llamas, through the beautiful vegetation, is well worth it – the view is amazing!

Cusco, Arequipa and Ica. A small town, with good infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, but what is most interesting here are the intriguing Nazca lines – these enigmatic drawings have not yet been explained by the scientific community. They are geoglyphs discovered on the slopes of the Palpa valleys, in the Nazca Pampa, coastal zone of Paraca, in the south of Peru.

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