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Travel in Peru is enhanced if you know a bit about Peru’s Inca history. You can see the past reflected everywhere, in the culture, society, architecture and traditions of Peru. But some of these things only become evident when you know what to look for.

Despite having been home to numerous tribes and societies over the centuries, Peru is best known as the heartland of the Incas. You’ll probably see some Inca sites during your Peru travels – Machu Picchu being the most likely, but hundreds more can be found throughout the nation as well as neighboring countries.

It’s not just about increasing your appreciation of sites and museums and understanding what guides are talking about. It will also spark your imagination and let your mind conjure up those rich historical images that have decayed or disappeared over time.

Inca History Overview

  • inca-history-peru-travelThe Inca Timeline: Following this timeline should help give you some perspective on the Inca civilization from its rise to rapid fall.
  • Inca Population Estimates: Due to the lack of recorded Inca data, the exact population of the empire remains unknown. However, a number of modern studies have tried to estimate the Inca population.

Inca Daily Life & Society

  • Inca Tools: Ancient Inca Farming Techniques of Traditional Peru: This article covers Inca farming practices, techniques and tools that are still used in some parts of Peru today.
  • Inca Cloth: Weaving Grades of Ancient Peruvian Textiles: Inca cloth production was a highly specialized & strictly organized process; this article talks about the three main grades of Inca textiles.

Inca Gods & Religion

Inca Weapons & Warfare

  • Ancient Inca Weapons and Inca Warriors: Inca history in Peru and neighboring territories was marked by great and rapid expansion. The Inca military, even if not used to aggressively conquer a neighboring tribe, was nonetheless a potent threat and certainly very persuasive.
  • Rumi Maki – Inca Fighting Style or Modern Martial Art of Peru?: A slightly doubtful look at a supposed Inca martial art.
  • Battle Tactics in Inca Warfare: The effectiveness of the Inca army was based largely on discipline and organization, both of which made the Incas superior to most, if not all, rival civilizations in the New World.

Inca Peru – More Inca Information to Follow

More Inca articles will be added here when written. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, or add any of your own thoughts about Inca history in Peru.

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