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Peru Festivals, Concerts and Other Events in 2014

For the latest schedule of events, see the Peru Festivals and Events Calendar for 2016.

Find out what’s happening in Peru in 2014 with our month-by-month listings of traditional festivals, national holidays, regional events, music concerts and more (for more attractions in the capital of Peru, read 50 Things to Do in Lima).

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Peru in January

  • New Year’s Day — Jan 1, National Holiday
  • Niño Callaocarpino y el Niño Jacobo Illanes — Jan 1 (central day), Huancavelica
  • Festival de los Negritos — Dec and/or Jan, Huánuco
  • Adoración de Reyes Magos — Jan 6, nationwide
  • Foundation of Iquitos — Jan 5
  • Summer of Dub 2014 — Jan 17, Certes Dub (Fernando Teran 990, Chorrillos, Lima)Peru music event
  • Foundation of Lima — Jan 18
  • Hathaways — Jan 18, Gabinete Rock Bar (Av. Bolognesi 743, Barranco, Lima)
  • Chiaraje — Jan 20 (or thereabouts), Canas Province of the Cusco Region
  • Alesana — Jan 21, Discoteca Céntrica (Real Plaza, Lima)Peru music event
  • Concurso Nacional de Marinera — Jan 20 to 26, Trujillo
  • Peru music eventCNBLUE — Jan 28, Explanada Sur of the Estadio Monumental, Lima: South Korean pop rock.

Electro Selvamonos festival in Peru

Peru in February

  • Carnival — throughout Feb
  • Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria — first half of Feb, Puno Region
  • Peru music eventFiesta en la Calle — Every Thursday in February from 6 pm to 10 pm, Jr. Ica and Jr. Ucayali (historic center of Lima): More than 140 bands will bring plenty of music to the historic streets of Lima.
  • Luchas de Toqto — Feb 2, Canas and Chumbivilcas Provinces of Cusco
  • Pisco Sour Day — first Saturday of Feb
  • Motorama — Feb 6, Discoteca Mangos (located on Avenida Arequipa 1530, Lince, Lima): Russian post-punk.
  • Peru music eventVilma Palma e Vampiros — Argentine rockers on a mini tour of Peru. Dates as follows: Feb 7, Vocé del Sur, Punta Hermosa (Lima); Feb 14, C.C. Embarcadero 41, Barranco (Lima); Feb 15, Explanada Mall Aventura Plaza (Trujillo).
  • Diego El Cigala — Feb 8, C.C. Mari Angola (Miraflores, Lima): Grammy Award-winning Spanish Romani Flamenco.
  • Valentine’s Day — Feb 14, Nationwide
  • Amen — February 14, Aura Arequipa, Arequipa: One of the big names in Peruvian rock.
  • Peru music eventEva Ayllón — Feb 15, Teatro Municipal Alejandro Granda Relayza (Jr. Pedro Ruiz Gallo, Callao): The queen of Afro-Peruvian music and música criolla returns to Callao for what should be a very memorable performance.
  • Peru music eventRock de los 80 Sinfónico — Feb 15, Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición (Avenida 28 de Julio, Lima): Featuring two legends of 80s Peruvian rock, Rio and Miki González.
  • Rock en la Playa — Feb 16, Playa Barlovento (km 21 of the Panamericana Sur, Villa el Salvador, Lima): Ten hours of Peruvian punk rock on the beach, for free.
  • Festival del Verano Negro — last week of Feb, Chincha Province, Ica

Rock en la Playa, Festival in Lima

Peru in March

  • Peru music eventReggae Fest — March 1, Punta Hermosa Beach (at km 41.5 of the old Panamericana Sur): With Los Cafres from Argentina and Gondwana from Chile.
  • Acustirock — March 1, Estadio San Marcos (north stand), Lima: Some of the biggest Peruvian rock bands all on one stage.
  • Peru music eventJack Johnson — March 3, Parque de la Exposición: Not yet listed on the official website, but supposedly a done deal. 
  • Doro — March 4, Discoteca Céntrica (C.C. Real Plaza), Lima
  • Anniversary of the Foundation of Trujillo — March 5
  • Ica Wine Festival — normally during the first two weeks of March
  • Peru music eventSonata Arctica — March 11, C.C. Scencia de La Molina, Lima
  • Fiesta de San José — March 18 to 20 (could change), Las Delicias District of Trujillo
  • La Oreja de Van Gogh — March 19, Auditorio del Pentagonito
  • Big gig PeruMetallica — March 20, Estadio Nacional, Lima
  • Lucybell — March 21, Discoteca Mangos (Av. Arequipa 1530, Lince): Rock from Chile.
  • 2 Minutos — March 22, Oficina Bar (Jr. Cailloma 852, Central Lima): Punk rock from Argentina.
  • Surco Wine Harvest Festival — dates vary, Surco District of Lima
  • Big gig PeruSoundgarden — March 27, Explanada Sur of the Estadio Monumental

Peru in April

  • Peru music eventEnrique Bunbury — April 1, Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición, Lima.
  • Natalia Lafourcade — April 2, Auditorio Los Incas (Av. Javier Prado Oeste 2465, Museo de la Nación): A popular Mexican pop-rock singer, apparently.
  • Peru music eventCut Copy — April 6, Embarcadero 41
  • Pixies, Placebo and Julian Casablancas — April 8, Costa Verde de Magdalena del Mar, Lima: The Pixies, Placebo and Julian Casablancas (lead vocalist of The Strokes) all performing on the same stage. Nice.
  • Anniversary of the District of Amantani — April 9, Amantani District of Puno
  • Kevin Johansen — April 10, Embarcadero 41 de Barranco, Lima; April 12, Arequipa (venue TBA)
  • Havok — April 10 (La Estación Disco Club, Arequipa) and April 11 (Wayrurock, Av. Arequipa 1505, Lince, Lima): Thrash metal from Colorado.
  • Peru music concertAcustirock Beach — April 12, Conchán Beach (km 25 of the Panamericana Sur, Lurín): Another edition of the popular Acustirock festival, but with more sand. 
  • Cruces de Porcón — April 13 (Palm Sunday), Porcón Valley, Cajamarca Region
  • Semana Santa — April 13, Nationwide
  • Peru music concertLunafly — April 15, C.C. Scencia de La Molina: More South Korean K-pop.
  • Jueves Santo — April 17, National Holiday: Maundy Thursday
  • Viernes Santo — April 18, National Holiday: Good Friday
  • Anniversary of Chiclayo — April 18
  • Easter Day — April 20
  • El Señor de los Temblores — April 21 (Easter Monday), Cusco
  • National Peruvian Paso Horse Contest — April 15 to 22-ish (to be confirmed), Mamacona, Lima
  • Anniversary of the Constitutional Province of Callao — April 22, Callao
  • Voivod — April 24, Wayruro (Av. Arequipa 1505, Lima): Thrash metal from Canada, a nice antidote to Paul McCartney.
  • Paul McCartney — April 25, Estadio NacionalBig gig Peru
  • Anniversary of Ayacucho — April 25
  • El Señor de la Justicia — April 25, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque Region
  • Anniversary of Jauja — April 25, Jauja, Junín Region
  • Peru music eventTrujillo Capital del Rock — April 26, Mall Aventura Plaza: A new rock festival in Trujillo, this year featuring Peruvian rock acts such as Amén, Libido and Mar de Copas.
  • Close Your Eyes — April 30, venue TBA

Peru in May

  • Virgin de Chapi — May 1, Arequipa
  • Dia de los Trabajadores — May 1, National Holiday
  • Perú Mucho Gusto — May 1 to 3, Pisco
  • Fiesta de las Cruces — May 3 (dates vary), typically in highland regions
  • Fiesta de Alasitas — May 3, Puno
  • Señor de Muruhuay — May 3 (normally the central day, may vary), Tarma, Junín Region
  • Viva Perú Tour — May 3, Campo Ferial de Yauris, Huancayo: A one-day festival featuring some of Peru’s major acts, including Mar de Copas, Amén, Miki Gonzales and Laguna Pai.
  • Peru music concertElecto Selvámonos — May 3, Club de Tiro, Jr. Cuzco 1600, Huancayo, Junín Region
  • Manifiestación Mundial por la Marihuana 2014 — May 3, Plaza Francia, Lima: For the fifth year running, Legaliza Perú has arranged a completely legal event in support of legalization, this year featuring the popular Peruvian bands Bareto, Tierra Sur, La Nueva Invasión and Olaya Sound System.
  • Anniversary of Cotahuasi — May 4, Cotahuasi District of La Unión, Arequipa Region
  • Juan Gabriel — May 8, Jockey Club del Perú, Lima
  • Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas with Gondwana — May 8, Costa Verde Magdalena
  • Peru music eventThirty Seconds to Mars — May 9, Parque de la Exposición, Lima
  • Juan Diego Florez — May 13, Gran Teatro Nacional: Peruvian operatic tenor.
  • Juntos en Concierto 2014 — May 24, Estadio Nacional: Featuring Carlos Vives (Colombia), Gilberto Santa Rosa, Olga Tañón and Tito el Bambino (Puerto Rico).
  • Peru music concertFestival Vivo X el Rock 3 — May 24, Parque de la Exposición: More than 20 Peruvian rock bands on two stages.
  • Señor de Torrechayoc — sometime in May, Urubamba, Cusco Region
  • Homage to the Defenders of Alianza Field — May 26, Tacna
  • Alejandra Guzmán — May 27, Jockey Club del Perú: Popular pop-rock singer-songwriter from Mexico.
  • Peru music concertPunch — May 31, venue TBC, Lima: a thrashcore band based in San Francisco, recognizable by a “fast, heavy sound with pulverizing breakdowns, intelligent song structures and absolutely plastering vocals.”
Battle of Tacna

1881 drawing of the Battle of Tacna

Peru in June

  • Chachapoyas Tourist Week — early June (dates vary)
  • Peru music concertVodka N Roll Fest — June 6, Wayruro (Av. Arequipa 1505, Lince): Headlined by two European folk metal bands, Korpiklaani (Finland) and Týr (Faroe Islands).
  • MBLAQ — June 13, Coliseo Eduardo Dibos (Av. Angamos with Av. Aviación, Lima): A boy band from South Korea whose name is possibly the most horrific acronym ever, “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.” Shocking.
  • Paty Cantú — June 14, Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición
  • Anniversary of Ica — June 17
  • Qoyllority — second half of June, Ocongate District, Cusco
  • Corpus Christi — June 19, Nationwide
  • Sondor Raymi — June 18 and 19, Andahuaylas, Apurímac Region
  • Festival Folklórico de Raqchi — third Sunday of June, Canchis Province, Cusco Region
  • Moyobamba Tourist Week — second half of June (may vary), Moyobamba, San Martin Region
  • Noche de San Juan — June 23 and 24, Calana, Pachi and Pocollay Districts, Tacna
  • Chaccu de Vicuñas — June 24 (or thereabouts), Pampa Galeras National Reserve, Ayacucho
  • Peru music concertFestival Barrio Latino — June 28, Parque de la Exposición, Lima: With artists including Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce and Cumbia All Stars.
  • National Ceviche Day — June 28, Nationwide
  • Día de San Pedro y San Pablo — June 29, Nationwide
San Juan Festival

Celebrating the Festival of San Juan along the banks of the river (photo © Tony Dunnell)

Peru in July

  • Tarapoto Tourist Week — July 8 to 19 (dates might change), Tarapoto, San Martin Region
  • Anniversary of Puerto Maldonado — July 10
  • Virgen del Carmen Festival — July 15 and 16, various regions
  • Anniversary of the Province of Huaraz — July 25
  • Festival de Apóstol Santiago — July 24 and 25, primarily a highland event
  • Anniversary of the Arrival of Austro-German Settlers in Oxapampa — July 24 to 31, Oxapampa Province, Pasco Region
  • Fiestas de Quillabamba — July 25 to 29, Province of La Convención, Cusco Region
  • Fiesta del Sol — July 27, La Unión, Huánuco Region
  • Peruvian Independence Day — July 28, national holiday
  • Fiesta del Señor de las Ánimas and Yawar Fiesta– July 28 to August 3, Apurimac Region

Peru in August

  • Día de la Pachamama — August 1, Andean regions
  • Santísima Cruz de Chalpón — first week of August, Motupe, Lambayeque Region
  • Nuestra Señora de las Nieves — August 5, central and southern Andes
  • The Mission — August 14, Discoteca Centrica, LimaPeru music concert
  • Anniversary of Arequipa — August 15
  • Virgen de la Asunción — August 15
  • Anniversary of Huánuco — August 15
  • Anniversary of Callao — August 20, Callao (part of the larger Lima Metropolitan Area)
  • Yaku Raymi — August 20 to 26, Carmen Salcedo District of Andamarca, Ayacucho Region
  • P.O.D. — August 27, Discoteca Céntrica, Lima — American Christian nu metal band.Peru music concert
  • Reincorporation of Tacna into Peru — August 28, Tacna
  • Oxapampa Tourist Week — August 25 to 31, Oxapampa, Pasco
  • Saint Rose of Lima Day — August 30, National Holiday

Peru in September

  • Festival Reyna del Cañaveral — dates vary, Apurimac
  • Chick Corea — Sept 6, Gran Teatro Nacional, Lima: American jazz and fusion pianist, keyboardist, and composer.
  • music-peru-smallLima Vive Rock 2014 — Sept 6, Parque de la Exposición: The major festival returns, this year featuring Amén, Mar de Copas, Narcosis, D’Mente Común, Laguna Pai and more.
  • Festival Ecoturístico de Comunidades Rurales y Turistas — first weekend of Sept, Pasco
  • Fiesta Patronal Virgen de la Natividad — Sept 8, San Martin Region
  • Virgen de Cocharcas — Sept 8, mainly highland regions
  • Fiesta Patronal del Señor de Gualamita — Sept 10 to 16 (may vary), Luya Province of the Amazonas Region
  • Festividad del Señor de Locumba — Sept 14, Tacna
  • Señor Cautivo de Monsefú — Sept 14 (main day), Monsefú, Lambayeque Region
  • Señor de Huanca — Sept 14, Cusco
  • Peru music eventZoé — Sept 20, venue TBA, Lima
  • Festival Internacional de la Primavera — end of Sept, Trujillo, La Libertad Region

Peru in October

  • Promised Land of Pozuzo Festival — Oct 4 to 8 (may vary), Pozuzo, Oxapampa Province, Pasco Region
  • Battle of Angamos — Oct 8, National Holiday
  • 30 Seconds to Mars — Oct 9, Parque de la Exposición: American rock band fronted by Jared Leto.Peru music concert
  • Piura Jubilee Week — first two weeks of October (variable)
  • Señor Cautivo de Ayabaca — Oct 13, Ayabaca, Piura Region
  • Exodus — Oct 14, Discoteca Céntrica, Lima: Classic American thrash metal.Peru music concert
  • Anniversary of Tingo Maria — Oct 15
  • El Señor de los Milagros — second half of October, Lima
  • Señor de Luren — third Monday in October, Ica
  • Fiesta Patronal de Santa Úrsula — Oct 21 to 24 (dates may vary), Viraco, Castilla Province of Arequipa Region
  • Los Secretos — Oct 30, Barranco Bar, Lima: pop rock from Madrid.Peru music concert
  • Día de la Canción Criolla — Oct 31
  • Halloween — Oct 31
  • FestiSabores — Possibly in late October, Yanahuara (main square), Arequipa

Peru in November

  • Día de Todos los Santos — Nov 1, National Holiday: All Saints’ Day.
  • Día de los Difuntos — Nov 2, Nationwide
  • Big gig PeruEcho & the Bunnymen — Nov 4, C.C. Barranco, Lima: The English rock band comes to Lima for the first time.
  • MGMT and The Drums — Nov 4, Parque de la Exposición: A great double-header featuring American psychedelic rockers MGMT and American indie pop band The Drums.
  • Anniversary of Puno — Nov 4
  • Perú Scream Fest — Nov 11, Jockey Club del Perú: Mini-festival headlined by American youngster Peru music concertAustin Mahone, who is apparently quite popular. Never heard of him myself.
  • Ska-P — Nov 11, Discoteca Mangos, Lima: Ska punk from Spain.
  • Calle 13 — Nov 13, Estadio Nacional, Lima: The talented Puerto Ricans will be supported by Illya Big gig PeruKuryaki & the Valderramas and Molotov.
  • Bane — Nov 14, venue TBA: More hardcore from the USA.
  • Ica Tourist Week — Nov 12 to 20 (variable)
  • Moquegua Tourist Week — Nov 20 to 25 (variable).
  • Magrudergrind — Nov 22, El Local (Gonzales Prada 384, Miraflores): According to Wikipedia, music-peru-smallMagrudergrind is “an American grindcore and powerviolence band.” Probably best to leave your abuelita at home.
  • Pasco Tourist Week — Nov 20 to 29 (variable)
  • Feria de San Clemente — Nov 23 (still TBC for 2014), San Clemente, Piura
  • Eyes Set to Kill — Nov 25, Sotano Bar (Jirón Huallaga 130, Plaza de Armas): Yet more American music-peru-smallpost-hardcore in Lima. What’s going on?
  • David Bisbal — Nov 29, Centro Comercial Plaza Norte, Lima: Grammy Award-winning Spanish pop Peru music eventsinger.

Peru in December

  • Immaculate Conception — Dec 8, National Holiday
  • Tribute to American Liberty — Dec 9, Ayacucho
  • Peru music concertIll Niño — Dec 11, Discoteca Céntrica (C.C. Real Plaza), Lima: American Latin Metal band formed in New Jersey.
  • Virgen de la Puerta — Dec 12 to 15, Otuzco, La Libertad Region
  • Life in Color — Dec 13, Explanada del Monumental, Lima: The “world’s largest paint party” comes toPeru music concert Lima, with plenty of electronic musicians in tow.
  • Santuranticuy — Dec 24, Cusco
  • Christmas Eve — Dec 24
  • Christmas Day — Dec 25, National holiday
  • Danza de Tijeras Festival — Dec 24 to 27 (may vary), Huancavelica
  • Anniversary of Madre de Dios — Dec 26, Madre de Dios Region

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