On The Road | How to Peru - Part 20
View from Malecon - What to do on your layover in Lima

What to do on your layover in Lima

So, your flight arrived into Peru’s capital city and you’ve got some time to kill before your connecting flight departs You can either stay at the airport and scroll your Facebook newsfeed for 7 hours sipping slowly on your...

drinking in peru

What’s the Legal Drinking Age in Peru?

The minimum legal drinking age in Peru is 18, which is good news for thirsty young backpackers from the USA – or, for that matter, from Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, American Samoa or Micronesia These countries, like the USA, have...


What’s Up With Trujillo’s Hostels?

The last time I was in Trujillo, I left my comfortable room in the Hotel Colonial and set out to find a decent hostel -- something respectable, safe and affordable, something I could write about and recommend to shoestring...

Where to stay in Lima

Where to Stay in Lima: The Districts

Of the 43 districts in Lima, only a few are regularly recommended as good places for visitors to stay If you’re heading to the capital -- especially for the first time -- you’ll probably want to book a hotel or hostel in one...

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