What to know about the moray and salt mines quad bike tour

Would you like to go on an adventure on wheels in the sacred valley? Take the Moray and salt mines quad bike tour and enjoy spectacular views on a trip full of adrenaline.

quad bike tour in cusco

Cusco is a beautiful place where people can reconnect with the past as well as find a variety of outdoor activities full of adrenaline and fun. If you are a person who enjoys spectacular views and adventurous journeys, then take a quad bike and explore Cusco differently.

There is no doubt Cusco has lots of things to offer us such as archeological sites, museums, markets, and more. There are so many things to visit that we might be short on time to see them all. Now, one of the most popular attractions in Cusco is the salt mines and the Moray site. No tourist can leave the city without knowing these attractions.

Thinking of you, we want to talk about how you can visit these famous places in a fun and adventurous way. Make your experience something you won’t forget and enjoy every single minute of your visit.

Maras Salt Mines

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a territory full of incredible landscapes and unique archaeological sites. One of the most visited is the famous Salt mines of Maras. This attraction is made up of 3 thousand small wells dug into the mountainside. Each of the wells has a dimension of 5 square meters and the salt produced is commercialized just as the Incas did hundreds of years ago.

At the Maras Salt Mines, you can buy ‘natural pink salt’. It gets its beautiful color from the natural elements of the spring water including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and silicon. Another interesting thing about the mines is that you can buy a jar of this salt at the Maras gift store.

Nowadays, thousands of tourists come to visit Maras due to its natural value and its stunning views. Making it the perfect spot to get the best pictures and learn a bit more about the Inca’s history

maras salt mines cusco


Only 10 kilometers from the Maras salt mines, you can find the archaeological complex of Moray. This is an agricultural terrace built in gigantic natural holes. These terraces are carefully placed, taking the form of a gigantic amphitheater. The biggest hole has a depth of 150 m and the average height of the platforms is 1.80 meters.

This infrastructure allowed the growth of more than 250 plant species. Plus, it was used as an Inca agricultural laboratory to experiment with their crops. Moray contains a great history and a unique scenic beauty, becoming a very popular attraction among others.

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Quad bike tours in the sacred valley

If you are thinking of visiting these places, we highly recommend taking a quad bike tour. Not only for the adventure but the beautiful scenarios you will witness; are going to make your visit way worth it. There is no need to worry about being an expert driver as all vehicles are automatic or semi-automatic making it possible for almost everyone to drive them.

If you do not feel comfortable driving alone, there is also an option to go on a shared ATV. Just choose a friend to go with you on this adventure and enjoy the ride while admiring the landscapes. This tour has been designed for families, groups, friends, and solo travelers. You can even meet people along the way and there will always be a professional guide with you who will assist you in everything you need.

The journey is completely safe as all tour operators are fully prepared to guarantee the best experience. Of course, always look for the best option as not all of them will provide a good service.

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Usually, when looking to do this tour, you will find lots of packages to the sacred valley. The most common itinerary includes Moray along with Maras Salt mines in a half-day. This is due to the proximity and easy access to the zones. Note that the following itinerary might vary depending on each tour operator:

Stage 1

The tour begins with the pick up from your hotel or hostel in Cusco city. Then the whole group heads to the town of Cruzpata, where you will be able to practice for some minutes until all of you are ready to depart.

Stage 2

Everyone will start the quad ride to Moray, once in here, you will be able to drive around or visit the archaeological site for at least 20 minutes. Then you will go to the town of Maras where you will be able to see the Urubamba mountain and the snowy mountains of Veronica and Chicon.

Stage 3

You will go to the salt mines known as “Salineras” where you can take some pictures or maybe buy some souvenirs at the gift store. After some minutes, the guide will be waiting for you to start the return trip to Cusco city.

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  • As this is an outdoor activity, bring comfortable clothes. Remember you might get dirty so if you want to change, carry some extra clothes.
  • Bring only the necessary in a small bag and consult with the tour operator what’s included and not. You don’t want to get surprised in the middle of the way.
  • Go at your own pace and if you need any help, your guide will be there to support you.
  • Do not ever try speeding as it could be dangerous. Consider you do not know the route and there are more people traveling with you.

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