Lima Food Tour: Finding the Perfect Culinary Adventure

2020 Updated Information about food tours in Lima. Use this information to find the perfect Lima food tour for you.

Lima. Originally known as “The City of the Kings”, this desert is now known for something much more appetizing which you can easily discover for yourself by taking a Lima food tour. There are more than enough Lima food tours for you to choose from, and so finding one that is educational, informative, great value for money and, perhaps most importantly, fun and delicious can be a struggle.

We have tried plenty of different food tours in Lima, and many times we have been shocked, disappointed, and, on occasion, even a little bit sick. Your average tour promises to allow you to “eat what the locals eat” but then take you to the emptiest food stall at the market where your tour guide greets the person behind the counter as if they were a brother (spoiler alert: they probably are), and then you are given a soggy, sad and small plate of ceviche to share.

peruvian experience mural

Some of the worst aspects of these tours for us is the traveling involved with just getting around. If you want to get a true range of flavors then the chances are, you are going to need to go between places. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, but there are certainly some downsides to it.

You also spend almost the whole time on the move, being shipped about from place to place. This is particularly troublesome with Lima’s infamous traffic. (For those who didn’t know, Lima is the third most traffic-congested city on the planet.) It also means that if you are going into the none touristic districts that you are more of a target for petty theft. There is no need to be afraid, but there is plenty of reasons to be aware of this and to keep your wits about you.

If you want to be able to enjoy all of the fun of sampling some of the most traditional dishes, but you aren’t interested in the potholes and the potential downfalls that come hand in hand with tours of this nature, then we have found a rather elegant solution.

The Best Lima Food Tour: The Peruvian Experience

The Peruvian Experience is the one Lima food tour that we recommend without hesitation. It has been created to avoid all of the chaotic pitfalls that are unfortunately prone to happen in tours of this nature. The Peruvian experience does more than just take you to restaurants and stalls they have deals with. This Lima food tour works hard to give you a truly immersive experience of Peru, it’s food and its customs surrounding food. You will begin the tour on a train ride, which explains a little about the history of Peru and why it came to have the traditions that it does surrounding food.

This is a truly exciting and modern way to experience a museum and it is totally unique to the Peruvian Experience. People of all ages love to climb aboard here.

Once you have learned all about the traditions of Peruvian culture, we step it up a notch. Head inside the state of the art bar, where you will learn more about Peru’s national drink: The Pisco Sour. If you walk into any bar, restaurant or clubs in Peru, you will find pisco sour on the menu. There is a good reason for this! They are delicious, and the origin of the spirit is just a few hours outside of Lima.

At the pisco station, you will discover more than just history. You will also make (and sample) your very own pisco sour. This means that you will be able to make them for your friends and family for years to come, as a homage to your time in Peru.

It isn’t just the pisco sour recipe that you will be taking home with you, as up next is the ceviche making class. You can learn all about how to prepare the fish and the dish of this quintessentially Limeño dish. After all, have you really had a Lima food tour if you haven’t tried the ceviche along the coast?

pisco tasting on lima food tour

Learning how to make ceviche is another perfect way to bring a piece of Peru back for your family to enjoy. Forget traditional souvenirs that gather dust, perhaps you could bring the people you care about together and prepare them a traditional ceviche with a pisco sour to wash it down.

If you’re reading this and thinking about how it all sounds very well and good, but not that different from a normal cooking class, then you’re overlooking the final part of this tour. Sit down and relax as you enjoy a 12-course tasting menu of all of the most traditional Peruvian foods, from starter and street food snacks to main dishes of the coast and the highlands, all the way to desserts. There is a small recreation of a market for you to wander and explore, and you can enjoy traditional dancers showing you the moves of their ancestors. It’s optional, but you can even learn some of the steps from them if you like!

The Peruvian Experience truly is the most immersive and thorough of all of the Lima food tours. It gives you everything that you could possibly want from a tour like this, and it all takes place under one roof, with a local, fully bilingual tour guide. So what are you waiting for? This is the Lima food tour for you, get ready to taste the Peruvian Experience.


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