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Buses from Ica operate in all directions. Going North, buses go from Ica to Paracas and Ica to Lima. To the South, there are buses from Ica to Nazca, Ica to Arequipa, Ica to Cusco and Ica to Puno.

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Below is a list of the main bus routes from Ica and their schedules. For more information about any specific route, click more details where you will find specific information regarding the route, the best bus companies and what to look out for when choosing what bus company, you will travel with.

ToDurationBest Bus CompaniesMore Information
IcaLima 4.5 hoursPeru Hop, Cruz del SurIca to Lima
IcaNazca2 hoursCiva, Cruz del Sur Ica to Nazca
IcaArequipa12 hoursPeru Hop, Cruz del SurIca to Arequipa
IcaCusco19 hoursPeru Hop, Cruz del SurIca to Cusco
IcaPuno16 hoursCiva, Peru HopIca to Puno

As noted above, buses from Ica operate in all directions. For any trip to Peru, it is highly recommended that you visit places like Huacachina Oasis, Paracas and Arequipa (home of the Colca Canyon). There is much more to Peru than just Machu Picchu, so bus travel is a great way to see this amazing country. Simply choose the best bus company and enjoy this amazing country!

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