Before You Go | How to Peru - Part 3
Plug and electrical outlet in Peru

Electricity and Plugs in Peru

It's worth knowing the key details about the electrical current and plug sockets in Peru before you travel Arriving in a country only to find that your electrical appliances won't work is annoying -- even worse is to accidentally...


Government Travel Registration Services

Many government-run websites provide a free travel registration service, letting you register your upcoming trip to a foreign destination The potential benefits of travel registration are worth the few minutes spent completing...

Peruvian SIM Cards

How to Get a SIM Card in Peru

During your trip to Peru, you may wish to purchase a SIM card in order to make contact with your friends and family with ease Being both relatively cheap and accessible, getting a SIM card in Peru is often the best option for...

Shipping cars to peru

How to Ship a Car to Peru

The vast majority of travelers in Peru get from A to B using public transportation But if you're moving to Peru, or if you're planning some kind of special overland adventure, you might want to ship a car to Peru I have zero...


How to Visit the Peruvian Amazon

The following guest post is by Matthew Barker, an accomplished travel writer and photographer A trip to the jungle is often towards the top of a visitor’s Peruvian wish list The problem, however, is that, unlike...

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