Watching the Brazil 2014 World Cup in Peru

With the Brazil 2014 World Cup just around the corner, any football/soccer/fùtbol fan of sound mental health should be getting pretty excited right now. And if you happen to be in Peru during the World Cup (and no, Peru did not qualify), you’ll need to know the local kick-off times and where to watch the games. So here you go….

Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro

The Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro will host the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (photo © Brazilian Government, Wikimedia Commons)

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Peruvian TV Channels Showing the Brazil 2014 World Cup Games

Here’s the good news: it should be easy to watch every single World Cup game while you’re in Peru (with the exception of the last group games, which have two games kicking off at the same time).

Two companies have the rights to show the World Cup: DirecTV and Grupo ATV. DirecTV is a U.S. satellite service that broadcasts across much of Latin America. Grupo ATV, meanwhile, is a Peruvian media company with popular channels such as ATV and Global Televisión. Between the two, it should be easy enough to watch all the games wherever you are, be it in a bar, a hostel, a restaurant or someone’s house.

The Grupo RPP radio communications company will be broadcasting all the games live over the airwaves via the RPP radio station.

World Cup Kick-Off Times in Peru

Most World Cup kick-off times in Peru are between 11 am and 5 pm local time (with a handful at 8 pm), so no need for early mornings or extremely late nights.

Here’s the full schedule as determined by FIFA. Again, all times shown here are Peruvian local time. Considering the current situation in Brazil, there’s a possibility that some games might be delayed due to protests or other disturbances.


Thursday, June 12
3.00 pm – Brazil vs. Croatia (Group A)

Friday, June 13
11.00 am – Mexico vs. Cameroon (Group A)
2.00 pm – Spain vs. Netherlands (Group B)
5.00 pm – Chile vs. Australia (Group B)

Saturday, June 14
11.00 am – Colombia vs. Greece (Group C)
2.00 pm – Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (Group D)
5.00 pm – England vs. Italy (Group D)
8.00 pm – Ivory Coast vs. Japan (Group C)

Sunday, June 15
11.00 am – Switzerland vs. Ecuador (Group E)
2.00 pm – France vs. Honduras (Group E)
5.00 pm – Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Group F)

Monday, June 16
11.00 am – Germany vs. Portugal (Group G)
2.00 pm – Iran vs. Nigeria (Group F)
5.00 pm – Ghana vs. U.S.A. (Group G)

Tuesday, June 17
11.00 am – Belgium vs. Algeria (Group H)
2.00 pm – Brazil vs. Mexico (Group A)
5.00 pm – Russia vs. South Korea (Group H)

Wednesday, June 18
11.00 am – Australia vs. Netherlands (Group B)
2.00 pm – Spain vs. Chile (Group B)
5.00 pm – Cameroon vs. Croatia (Group A)

Thursday, June 19
11.00 am – Colombia vs. Ivory Coast (Group C)
2.00 pm – Uruguay vs. England (Group D)
5.00 pm – Japan vs. Greece (Group C)

Friday, June 20
11.00 am – Italy vs. Costa Rica (Group D)
2.00 pm – Switzerland vs. France (Group E)
5.00 pm – Honduras vs. Ecuador (Group E)

Saturday, June 21
11.00 am – Argentina vs. Iran (Group F)
2.00 pm – Germany vs. Ghana (Group G)
5.00 pm – Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina (Group F)

Sunday, June 22
11.00 am – Belgium vs. Russia (Group H)
2.00 pm – South Korea vs. Algeria (Group H)
5.00 pm – U.S.A. vs. Portugal (Group G)

Monday, June 23
11.00 am – Australia vs. Spain (Group B)
11.00 am – Netherlands vs. Chile (Group B)
3.00 pm – Cameroon vs. Brazil (Group A)
3.00 pm – Croatia vs. Mexico (Group A)

Tuesday, June 24
11.00 am – Costa Rica vs. England (Group D)
11.00 am – Italy vs. Uruguay (Group D)
3.00 pm – Japan vs. Colombia (Group C)
3.00 pm – Greece vs. Ivory Coast (Group C)

Wednesday, June 25
11.00 am – Nigeria vs. Argentina (Group F)
11.00 am – Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran (Group F)
3.00 pm – Honduras vs. Switzerland (Group E)
3.00 pm – Ecuador vs. France (Group E)

Thursday, June 26
11.00 am – U.S.A. vs. Germany (Group G)
11.00 am – Portugal vs. Ghana (Group G)
3.00 pm – South Korea vs. Belgium (Group H)
3.00 pm – Algeria vs. Russia (Group H)


Saturday, June 28
11.00 am – 1A vs. 2B (round of 16)
3.00 pm – 1C vs. 2D (round of 16)

Sunday, June 29
11.00 am – 1B vs. 2A (round of 16)
3.00 pm – 1D vs. 2C (round of 16)

Monday, June 30
11.00 am – 1E vs. 2F (round of 16)
3.00 pm – 1G vs. 2H (round of 16)

Tuesday, July 1
11.00 am – 1F vs. 2E (round of 16)
3.00 pm – 1H vs. 2G (round of 16)

Friday, July 4
11.00 am – Quarterfinal
3.00 pm – Quarterfinal

Saturday, July 5
11.00 am – Quarterfinal
3.00 pm – Quarterfinal

Tuesday, July 8
3.00 pm – Semifinal

Wednesday, July 9
3.00 pm – Semifinal

Saturday, July 12
3.00 pm – Third place

Sunday, July 13
2.00 pm – World Cup Final

So there you have it. Good luck England, and may the footballing gods smile upon you…


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