Unknown places you should meet in Cusco

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Probably you didn´t thought about it yet: to get off the ordinary tourist routs which brings you to the same places as everybody. Cusco has many significate places, full of culture, mysteries and proud nature. Enjoy the ride, have fun and let your comments below!

Templo de la Luna

El Templo de la Luna is localized in the top of a mountain, far from the sounds and movement of Cusco city, but you must spend about an hour on walking.

The temple has a cavern with a ceremonial place, where is sculptured figures of pumas, snakes and eagles (the condor, the Peruvian national symbol). Its objective was celebrating the fertility, that´s why the caverns were built to let the sun comes into the temple in specifically days, showing some important parts of the main altar. You can visit it for free but don´t forget to book a local guide to explain some details.

How to get there: In Plaza de Armas you should walk through the la Calle Triunfo, crossing all the barrio San Blas. It´s on the top of the hill so, you must be in good physical conditions to do it well. The street passes by rural locations and then climb some stairs until you find a green plateau with the temple.


Balcón del Diablo

Behind Sacsayhuamán, one of the most important Inca archeological centers in the sector is the Balcón del Diablo. A natural architectural heritage that the Incas took advantage of as an entry point to the city of Cusco. It is a giant rock, which in the middle has a kind of window (or balcony) with a spectacular view of the river that runs below. In addition, you can cross the rock through the tunnel that is at the river level.

How to get there: From Sacsayhuaman, you walk 20 minutes to get to the place, on the side of the Chakan community.


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Huchuy Qosco

A perfect trek to do during the day, Huchuy Qosqo (Little Cusco in Quechua) is 3650 meters above sea level and offers incredible views of the Sacred Valley. In its time it was an important agricultural center for the production of corn, with perfect stone works called Collcas, to store and preserve food. There are no public roads that access it, but small ways connecting Huchuy Qosco with Machu Picchu in two days trip.

How to get there: From Cusco, take a vehicle north to Calca. From the Minasmoqo sector, continue on foot or on horseback to the base of the mountain. Then he climbs the hillside until he reaches the ruins.



Waqrapukara is so unknown that it is not yet known whether it was a fortress, a sanctuary or an astronomical observatory. This monument is located at 4,300 meters above sea level in the Apurimac canyon, south of the city of Cusco.

Its landscape is overwhelming, because it is surrounded by impressive platforms, plazas and a giant monolith that contemplates the mountain landscape.

How to get there: You must drive from Cusco to Saint Lucia on a two and a half hour trip. From Santa Lucia there is a 2-hour trek.


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Tres Cruces

In the Tres Cruces Natural Viewpoint you can see one of the most spectacular and secret sunrises in the world. We are not exaggerating: This viewpoint is located in Paucartambo, just over 100 km southeast of the city of Cusco.

It is called Tres Cruces because, during the winter solstice (June 21) and in the near days, a phenomenon occurs in which the atmosphere of the place distorts the sunlight, making believe that there is not one, if not 3 suns that light the earth.

How to get there: It is a total trip of 5 hours from Cusco to Paucartambo, crossing the last section by truck because the route is not paved. The effect begins to be visible from 4.30 am, so it is recommended to leave early the night before to enjoy the place with time. You can combine your trip with a tour of the Manu National Park, where there are incredible species of vegetables and animals in the area.


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