Recommended Travel Insurance for Peru

Whether you’re exploring Machu Picchu or seeing the sights in Lima, having travel insurance for Peru is essential. Travel insurance not only helps in case of emergencies but also gives you peace of mind. We will go over some tips on travel insurance that will help allow you to enjoy your time in Peru.

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Travel Preparations

International travel can be a lot of fun, especially when visiting interesting places like Peru. Peru offers tourists a truly unique South American experience unlike anything else. When planning a trip to Peru there are a number of issues to take into consideration. Of those concerns, one of the most pressing is the decision to get some type of travel insurance.

When traveling internationally you really need to be prepared because things do happen regardless of the best planning. Travel insurance will help to reimburse you the cost to replace your broken camera or lost luggage. Most health insurance has very limited to no coverage outside of the country. If you have a medical emergency or your wallet is stolen, travel insurance can help you in both matters and more.

Be sure to make arrangements for travel insurance for Peru prior to your departure to South America. There are a few travel insurance companies out there so be sure to do your research. Our preferred travel insurance carrier is World Nomads Travel Insurance.

World Nomad Travel Insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, very few companies have the reputation of World Nomads. World Nomads has made getting and using travel insurance on the go a lot easier. They offer plans for both individual travelers as well as families, with coverage for over 150 adventure activities.

Travel Insurance for Inca Trail

Policies for travel insurance can vary depending on the company and coverage. Typically if you plan on sightseeing and relaxing, usually, traditional travel insurance should be adequate for your trip. However, when you visit remote locations and pretty much any location that is over 4,000 meters, at that altitude your standard policy will no longer cover you. This is something to consider if you plan on doing activities like biking, hiking or climbing in areas far from medical facilities. For travel insurance plans for the Inca Trail that can fully cover you, World Nomads Travel Insurance is a well-trusted and reputed brand that we would recommend.

With the highest point of the Inca Trail being well over 4,000 meters, you will definitely want to find a policy that covers the cost of evacuation and proper medical treatment. Even though accidents that take place on a Machu Picchu trek are rare they do occasionally occur. It is common for some people to have ailments like “altitude sickness” and sprained ankles if you’re not careful. Some minor problems can become potentially life-threatening in this remote area if you’re not properly prepared.

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From stumbling and dropping your camera to falling and twisting your ankle, having travel insurance for Peru’s Inca Trail trek when you visit will help to give you peace of mind and financial reimbursement. When you go out on activities you can feel confident that should anything happen, you have a plan that will handle getting you to safety or medical care.

Travel Policy Features

With World Nomads travel insurance for Peru, if you happen to run out your policy, or your policy has ended but you still want to travel, you can extend it and add more time while on your trip. All of the travel plans offered by World Nomads also come with 24/7 multi-lingual assistance in case of emergencies. So regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily get the assistance that you need.

Travel Policy Benefits

World Nomad’s policy for travel insurance comes with a number of benefits that can really come in handy when you need it.

Like many traditional travel insurance policies, they offer coverage of all your items like baggage, passports, as well as your tech. So when the airport loses your bags, your purse gets left behind, or even if your camera gets damaged, they have you covered.

We all try our best to have fun safely while traveling, but accidents do happen. Having a policy can put your mind at ease knowing that you have coverage for things like medication if you happened to forget yours back at home for example. They cover both emergency dental or medical expenses including medical evacuations and repatriation if you become sick or hurt.

The last thing you want to happen while on vacation is to have it come to an end earlier than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. With travel insurance, you can rest easy because you have coverage to help cover the financial costs of some unexpected events. Things like being hospitalized, or the death of a family member, even sudden illness, insurance helps to cover costs associated with all these types of events.

Staying Protected While Active

When visiting Peru, there’s no limit to the number of outdoor activities that are available for you to do. Find activities like swimming or biking are readily available. You can hike the Rainbow Mountain or trek the Inca Trail. For those daring, you can trek all four days to reach Machu Picchu. Participating in outdoor activities like these come with their own inherent risks. With a World Nomads policy, you can enjoy knowing you have coverage for over 150 outdoor activities. Their policies can cover you for a range of activities from camel riding to hot air ballooning, snorkeling and a whole lot more.

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Anytime you plan on traveling either domestically or internationally, having some type of travel insurance is a good idea. Be proactive and protect yourself from inconveniences like lost bags and luggage. Having insurance can not only save you potentially hundreds of dollars but also give you peace of mind. Having more money and peace of mind will surely make your time visiting Peru much more enjoyable.

Although Peru is a beautiful and vibrant place, there are still some areas that are off-limits to tourists. For personal safety and the protection of your items, World Nomads travel insurance for Peru offers all the protection you need in order to have the best time in Peru.



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