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When you talk about Peru everybody associates with Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu – really, they are the most important cities in Peru. But, Peru is much more than you think: there are unknown and amazing places you should meet in your next travel to Peru. It´s not famous as the southern cities, but can show you traditions and landscapes so outstanding that you´ll surprise yourself.


Cajamarca is one of the best cities to visit in Peru. It´s the city where the last emperor of the Incas Atahualpa was captured and killed by the Spanish conqueror Francesco Pizarro and their army.

Actually, this colonial city is full of tourist attractions. The Plaza de Armas is very large and gardenered and see many baroque churches, softly sculpered by the time. The legend says that, in the end of them, there´s a small stone room which was formed a resource to set Atahualpa free. In ancient times, millions of gold artefacts were brought here to be stored, you can see that by the lines on the wall.

So, after this immersive experience, enjoy yourself in the Baños del Inca, a complex with thermal pools to a relax dive…

cajamarca - peruvian cities


It´s a small rural village which you can visit by bus, 40 minutes far in Cajamarca Street, going to Chachapoyas. The murals of the Virgen del Rosário Sanctuary shine on the light of the sun, reflecting thousands of small ceramic tiles and glass in green, blue and golden, coating its external walls – it´s a real vision, hidden from the main street. It´s the most amazing vision you can see in this location.

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Tarapoto is located in the banks of Amazonic rain forest – it´s a laid back city, where the palms trees waves by the humid gentle breeze while the motorcycles moves the dust. The tourism increases in Iquitos, so the Tarapotos turned the favorite of health and wellness destination – yoga and ayahuasca. We warn you to check your health before boarding on this exotic treatment.

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Ventanillas de Otuzco and de Combayo

Ventanillas de Otuzco is the ancient city of the deads. There are 337 windows sculped in vulcanic rock. Here is a sacred place where the important warriors were buried – the oldest ones is dated by 200dC. In Combayo, far some miles from Otuzco, you can see a bigger site.

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Mummies collection at Museo de Leymebamba

It´s a nice village, far 80 kilometres at the south of Chachapoyas, gathers a group of 219 mummies – buried by the ancient Chachapoyas people, at 800 years past. Although the most part of them stays at its original textile covers, other are empty and appear to be in eye contact beyond a glassdoor (it´s safe, don´t worry!).

This unique museum has a large variety of others artefacts covering Chachapoya and Inca´s culture. You also can visit the site where the mummies has found: Laguna de los Cóndores is far 38km from the Leymebamba and the original tombs in the cliffs are still visible. Great places to think about life. Knowing new and surprising places like this, the meaning of life expands and offers new meaning.

leymebamba - peruvian cities

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