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Here are several dices for your next travel to Cusco. Maybe you´ve heard some of them before, but is always welcome to hear again: Cusco is the most beautiful town in Peru – This gorgeous capital has an ancient European charm which enchants millions of visitor every year.

The traditional villages, the iconic constructions and ancient ruins make Cusco mysterious and fantastic just like Machu Picchu or even more. Here you can see how you get the tickets, the best transports, how to book a hotel and many more.

Climate in Cuzco

The climate in Cusco is the same all year round, but there can be strong temperature variations between day and night. There are also microclimates following the valleys of the region. If you want to go hiking, ask agencies for the different climates of the valleys (even – and especially – if you go hiking without a guide).

Don´t be anxious!

Slow down. Cusco is completely accessible, but it is also 3,399 meters (11,151 feet) above sea level, so relax on your first day there.

Free Activities

There are many free activities such as walking, city tours etc. But to get the most out of activities in Peru, you need to know how to use your wallet as well. Some places pay for hiking and some don’t. Some museums will be free and some not, but never too expensive. Count from € 5 to € 40 for basic or solo trekking activities and up to € 350 or more for some agency hikes.


Visit the Ruins

Visit the ruins near the city. If you have time, walk to the Sacsahuaman and Qenko ruins on the hill above Cusco for great views and photos of the city.

Travel Insurance

Be sure you contract a travel insurance for the setbacks. You never know when an unforeseen event can happen, so having a travel insurance that covers primary travel needs is the first step before traveling.

Attention to the costs

There is some exploration in Cusco for those who want to know Machu Picchu. In Aguas Calientes, access point to Machu Picchu, the values are usually much lower, however, tourists can´t travel there. The alternative is the famous “Inca trail” from 2 to 4 days. Look for a good bus service, we recommend Peru Hop.

Many parties along the year

  • February: For about 18 days in Puno, many Peruvians celebrate the Virgin of Candelaria, on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
  • 58 days after Easter (May / June), Qoyllur Rit’i is celebrated. It is a pilgrimage of over 50,000 people gathering in the Cuzco region to celebrate their traditional pre-Columbian heritage. The party is uninterrupted for five days.
  • On June 24, for the winter solstice, Peruvians celebrate Inti Raymi, the sun. It is the most important Inca holiday in the country today.
  • July 28-29: National Day of the country celebrates Peru’s independence and promises the departure of all the country’s authorities for a large parade (military, religious and population as well)


Security in Peru

Like many countries in the world, Peru is a safe country, but with areas to be avoided. When in town, don’t go out into risky neighborhoods, don’t go out alone at night, and don’t party much if you want to get back to the hostel smoothly. If you are walking and traveling alone, try to find at least one mate or trekking buddy to hang away with you.

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