Selvámonos Music Festival in Oxapampa, Peru: August 2011

Here’s something for all you party people out there: if you’re backpacking in Peru in August, check out the upcoming Selvámonos Festival in Oxapampa. The main event will take place on August 13, preceded by various cultural bits and pieces starting on August 8.


The Selvámonos Festival, Peru: August 13

The Semana Selvámonos kicks off on August 8, with free cultural events taking place each day until August 12. These include theatrical presentations by the Yuyachkani Theatre Group, a classic concert in the local church and free screenings of video documentaries.

Add to that the distinct culture of Oxapampa, an area settled by German immigrants during the mid-1800s, and you have reason enough to head to the very center of Peru for a week of partying.

The main draw, however, is the alternative music festival on August 13. This will be the third installment of the Selvámonos festival, with more than 7,000 partygoers having attended the two previous events.

The music will be an interesting mix of Latin rhythms and modern beats, played by bands with notably colorful names:

  • Bareto: With their fusion of reggae, ska, jazz, cumbia, huayno and more, the numerous members of Bareto play good-time music for good-time crowds.
  • Fiesta Negra: Playing an Afro-Peruvian mix of salsa and jazz.
  • Los Yacks: Another vibrant mix of musical styles, Los Yacks have been doing what they do since 2007.
  • Kanaku y el Tigre: According to the organizers of Selvámonos, Kanaku y el Tigre are enigmatic, unclassifiable, fun, acoustic and organic. Can’t argue with that…
  • Fausto Orquesta: A punchy sound from Lima, mixing elements of jazz, salsa, cumbia and progressive rock with doses of psychedelic improvisation.
  • Fucking Clan: The name says it all. Yep, hip hop.
  • Dengue Dengue Dengue: An audiovisual mix of dub, techno, guaracha, dubstep, tribal beats, Colombian cumbia and more.

Selvámonos 2011, Oxapampa, Peru: Further Info

You can find more information about the Selvámonos Festival in Oxapampa, Peru, at the following websites:

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Peruvian fusion at a previous Selvámonos music festival (photo © Selvámonos)


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