Peru Hop: 2024 Updated Info & FAQ’s

Through the years, we’ve seen Peru Hop grow into one of the best travel companies in Peru since their start in 2013. With a unique hop on, hop off bus system, they’ve helped over 300,000 travelers discover Peru.

Here’s all the the information you need to know about Peru Hop to know if it’s the best option for you!

Peru Hop at a glance

  • Started by 2 Irish travelers back in 2013
  • Their long-travel passes cover main destinations like Lima, Arequipa and Cusco and other hidden gems along the way.
  • They offer award-winning day trips from Lima for those short on time.
  • Ranked #1 on Tripadvisor earning them a 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award.
  • One of the few companies who have excellent customer service and fluent, bilingual guides onboard the bus.
  • No age limit and available for all types of travelers

Traveler next to Peru Hop bus

How does Peru Hop work?

They operate as a hop on hop off bus system that covers the South of Peru and connects through to Bolivia. Each pass has a start and end point, with a set amount of stops (destinations) throughout the route. With your “Hop Login” (provided with your booking ticket), you’re then able to change your itinerary, pick up locations, add extra tours and more! It’s surprisingly easy to use given we haven’t seen something similar anywhere else.

What makes them different?

Compared to public buses and fixed tours, the first thing that always stands out is their flexibility. Traveling at your own pace is made simple with their service. Onboard Peruvian bilingual guides are always present, special discounts in each destination, and the perfect combination of travelers from around the world make it one of the best.

Other frequently asked questions

Is Peru Hop worth it?

From previous experience and by reading what other travelers have said, it definitely is worth it. Just check out out some of their reviews to see for yourself!

Is Peru Hop expensive?

At a glance, some may think it’s expensive but after doing the maths it’s actually not! Add up all the journeys, direct pickups and dropoffs to your hotel/hostel (taxis from terminals can cost between $4-5 each way), the free tours along the way and it all comes out to almost the same price. Additionally, they offer discounts on many hotels and hostels in the destinations they go through. Lastly, add to that the onboard bilingual guides, excellent customer service, and GPS tracking systems and it all comes to be cheaper and much safer!

How comfortable are the buses?

Yes, comfortable and spacious. If you traveled around South America, theres a trend of buses being uncomfortable but Peru actually has the best buses in the continent. Peru Hop runs more of the modern buses, which offer reclining seats, spacious and bathrooms.

Do the buses have Wi-Fi?

No Wi-Fi is available on the bus. Due to the below par internet and isolated areas in route, it’s difficult to provide the service. We’ve traveled with other bus companies and although they offer it, it ends up being useless after 30 minutes.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. The time I’ve used the service, I met the usual young backpackers but also met a family of 5 who were traveling a 2 year old and an elderly couple who were traveling South America!


As you can see, there’s many reasons as to why Peru Hop has become one of the best ways to travel Peru. Make sure to check out their How It Works page to get much more info to start planning your trip. Safe travels!