Learn Spanish In Peru – The Best Spanish Schools in Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru - Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Though it’s not impossible to make your way through Peru without speaking Spanish, it will certainly enhance your trip if you learn at least some basics. Being able to understand a little español will allow you to communicate with more local people, giving you a richer, deeper understanding and experience of the country. That’s why, if you have the time, we highly recommend taking some lessons in Peru. There’s no better place to learn a new language (or sharpen skills that you’ve already learned) than while you’re totally immersed in a culture which speaks that language. Below we’ve listed a few recommended Spanish-language schools in both Lima and Cusco for you to consider:

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Schools located in Lima:

Learn Spanish in Peru - Central Plaza Lima

Central Plaza Lima

This Miraflores-based school has an impressive selection of courses that will cater specifically to the requirements of the individual student. They offer one-on-one tutoring, small group classes, and even online courses. These can range in length from as little as one hour to years. They even offer specific lessons for travelers. The prices are reasonable: the cost of one 20-hour week of lessons is about $150, for instance.

This institute is great for travelers because it has locations in many different cities all across Peru, including several in Lima. They offer both regular and accelerated courses at varying levels. Prices can vary depending on the location so it’s best to contact them via their website or telephone to inquire more.

Also located in Miraflores, Peruwayna offers small group or private one-on-one classes. These can be taken at a regular accelerated pace, depending on the preference and schedule of the student. Cost is relatively cheap, with a 20-hour weekly price of around $140 including materials.

El Sol
This is yet another school located in the Miraflores district. El Sol offers both individual and group classes at varying levels of intensity, including a “super immersion” program for around $375 per week.

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El Tulipán
Another Miraflores establishment, El Tulipán is a Dutch cultural association offering classes in both Dutch and Spanish. They offer high-quality classes in both a group and private setting. A 20-hour package currently goes for around $280.

Learn Spanish in Peru - Cusco City

Cusco City

Schools located in Cusco:

This school offers six different levels of instruction at an intensive pace. Everything is included in these programs including class materials, accommodation, and transportation. However, at the moment, pricing information is only available upon request via their website or telephone.

Mundo Antiguo
This is one of the cheaper options that we’ve found. Students can take 20 hours of group classes per week for $110. There is also the option to take private individual classes for an increased fee. The school also offers a number of extra perks such as weekly cultural activities, tour discounts, and an option to do volunteer work.

This school offers a number of package deals in combination with Spanish classes; for example, a CELTA (English teaching certificate) course taken concurrently with the Spanish classes. The school also offers opportunities to volunteer in exchange for accommodation. These packages have a wide range of prices depending on what is included.

Schools with locations in both Lima and Cusco:

This is a network of affiliated schools teaching various languages across the world. There are two locations in Peru: one in Lima and one in Cusco, making it possible to take courses while traveling. Unfortunately, pricing information is only available by request on their website.

This is a small chain of schools offering classes in both Lima and Cusco, as well as a handful of other places in South America. Ecela offers custom programs which are tailored to individual success. The price for 20 hours of group sessions per week is $180, and is the same in either location.

We hope that this list has helped you find a program that suits you. By learning the local tongue, you will enrich your experience in Peru and understand the culture in a deeper way. While you’re studying, make sure to use your free time to enjoy the local sites and culture as well. The best way to find local activities to enjoy is to visit findlocaltrips.com, a tour booking website which connects you with reputable local providers all across South America. Good luck, or should we say buena suerte!

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