Inka Express: Updated 2024 Info – Everything to Know!

Inka Express are a one-of-a-kind tourist bus operating the world-famous Ruta del Sol (Cusco – Puno). Known as the pioneers and official service of route, they’re one of the best options for that journey. Here is the 2024 updated information on Inka Express buses, routes, and schedules. Discover everything you need to know before booking your bus ticket below.

Inka Express bus

History of Inka Express & Overview

Inka Express was started by 2 local brothers back in 1998 as a way to show tourists the beauty that they were missing out on between Cusco and Puno. At the time, not many people knew about the Inca ruins and other historical sites scattered along the route and would usually travel past it. They fittingly named the route the Ruta del Sol “Incan Sun Route”, and as you would’ve guessed, it quickly grew in popularity. Through the years, they’ve maintained a high level of service, usually being ranked as one of the best buses in Peru.

Their service consists of Cusco to Puno (and vice versa) touristic bus service. Through that trip, they make 5 guided stops to visit the sites. It’s a unique way to discover more of the Inca culture and cut up a what would be long journey.

Inka Express Routes and schedules

As previously mentioned, Inka Express covers only the route Cusco to Puno and vice versa. They depart daily from both locations at 6:40 am and the complete tour lasts around 10 hours. For full details of their itineraries, check out the tours on their website below:


One of their strongest points (as reviewed by travelers) are their modern buses. Here’s what to expect:

  • Comfortable, reclining seats with extensive leg room
  • Sanitised toilets
  • Oxygenated cabins, these masks will enable passengers to travel in comfort in high altitudes
  • A/C and heating systems for the different temperatures outside

Are they safe?

Until today, Inka Express has reported no hijack or major incident. This is a safe, reliable and secure bus operator between Cusco and Puno.

Do we recommend taking Inka Express?

YES! We recommend traveling with Inka Express and not visiting out on this incredible route. Check out their routes from Cusco and from Puno and start planning your next adventure!