Ica to Huacachina: Everything You Need To Know

Find the best way to get from Ica to Huacachina by following our guide. Most people traveling around Peru have heard about the little slice of paradise that is Huacachina, the only desert oasis in South America. Huacachina is a must for all travelers of Peru, but some find getting there to be tricky.


Getting From Ica to Huacachina

There is only one bus company that travels directly to Huacachina. It comes from both the North of Peru and from the South, meaning that whether you intend to arrive from Arequipa or from Lima, it is possible to use the bus company Peru Hop. Peru Hop is a well established hop on, hop off bus company that travels around all the major tourist points of Peru. It also stops at Tambo Colorado, the preserved Inca ruins outside of Ica. Peru Hop is by far the easiest way to get to Huacachina, and the way that guarantees your personal safety from door to door- the bus service picks you up from where you’re staying and drops you off at your hostel. Check out the different routes available and see what suits you.

There is only one other option available for you to get from Ica to Huacachina, by taxi. Be aware of taxi scams that are common in South America, many travelers find themselves being overcharged for this trip. Make sure that the taxi you are getting in is registered, as there has reportedly been a sharp rise in unregistered taxis, which are very dangerous. This is added onto the price of your ticket getting to Ica in the first place. This can be not only financial burden, but time consuming and stressful. Remember, most bus companies in South America are not only unreliable but also, at times, unsafe. However, there is another option.



Ica is a good city, and the home to Peru’s national drink, Pisco. All in all however, it is not a city that necessarily holds much for travelers. A pisco vineyard tour is a nice way to spend an afternoon, and for the more seasoned traveler, there are a few ruins about an hour and a half drive outside the town. However, there are no public buses on the way, meaning that they can be very difficult or expensive to get to. For example, Tambo Colorado is one of the best preserved Inca ruins in all of Peru, but Peru Hop are the only public bus that travels there.


Huacachina is a one of a kind destination, literally. It is the only natural desert oasis in the whole of South America, as well boasting the largest sand dunes in the continent. These dunes are not only beautiful, but are home to some of the most fun you can have on sand; thanks to the dune buggies and the main event: Sandboarding. A travelers paradise has grown around this watering hole, the long sunny days and minimal rainfall have given this town an unequivocal aura of relaxation and fun.

Tours to Huacachina

Most tours leave to Huacachina from Lima, you can compare as many different tours as you like at Find Local Trips, one of our top picks is this three day excursion. It includes the best of what you would want to do in Paracas, Ica and Huacachina, topping it all of with a flight over the Nazca lines. A truly unforgettable experience, and one that will give you memories to treasure forever.


Huacachina is the perfect addition to your travels, allowing you to relax, unwind and enjoy phenomenal sunsets over the endless rolling desert. Party the night away at Wild Rover Huacachina (our personal hostel of choice) and spend a few days exploring the sands and the magic of the only natural desert oasis in South America.


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