Coronavirus in Peru: What to know

Updated information regarding coronavirus in Peru. Some positive things have come out throughout the last few weeks. Stay informed on the recent events and prepare for your upcoming trip to Peru.

Peru has been one of the countries heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. Even though president Martín Vizcarra has taken strict measures to stop the spread of the virus. It seems that it’s not enough to control the situation. By now, all international borders of the country remain close and tourism can not emerge.

However not everything is bad news, in the last few weeks, the Peruvian government has announced new measures to reactivate the economy of the country. This is a good sign that we are following the right track.

Regional travel is now possible

The Peruvian government has already announced free transit through the country. Even so, there are still regions blocked out due to the high rate of coronavirus cases. This includes Arequipa, Junín, Ica, San Martín, Huánuco, Madre de Dios and Áncash.

As a consequence, air and ground transport companies have begun operations within the country. But things are not that easy, they need to follow strict protocols in order to provide a safe service to all their users. This includes less capacity, a better ventilation system, use of mask and face protectors, and more.

Many Peruvians who were stuck have returned with their families. Despite this fact, authorities have not specified whether or not traveling for touristic porpuses is allowed.

Cusco aims to reopen borders

Cusco is one of the regions that live clearly from tourism. For this reason, the Cusco regional government has proposed reopening the border as citizens depend on this activity. They expect to resume tourism gradually and start attending local visitors. Later on, allow international travel for some countries in Latin America and so on.

Until proper protocols get established, Cusco won’t be able to receive tourists. Recovering from such a big economic impact will be hard indeed. Authorities only hope the virus can be controlled shortly.

Some restrictions have been relaxed

Protocols as social distancing, use of masks, and even face covering are still mandatory. However, the quarantine has finished a few weeks ago. People can freely transit as long as they respect all protocols given by the ministry of health.

It’s important to note that the state of emergency will continue throughout the whole year. Public health authorities will put all their effort to prevent the spread of the virus and try to minimize the impact.

Restaurants can operate

Restaurants can attend public as long as they follow all the protocols established by the Ministry of Health. Delivery service continues to be the favorite among Peruvians. However, people can now enjoy eating out along with their friends or family. Thanks to these measures the food industry has faith in overcoming the situation.

The employment rate is growing each day and the economy seems to be recovering little by little. Hopefully, more activities can join the reactivation, and perhaps tourism can emerge soon.

Hotels get back to work

Months ago, the hotels only provided their facilities to quarantine people who arrive in the country via repatriation flights. Now then, since phase 2 of the resumption of economic activities began, the hotels have gradually recovered their functions.

Although hotels can work, there are several strict protocols they need to follow. This involves taking the temperature to all their visitors and disinfect constantly all the spaces. On the other side, the capacity of the establishments has been reduced. Apart from that, all the services offered must respect all the measures indicated by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health.

Thankfully, the government is compromised to support the tourist sector. There is still hope tourism can emerge and people don’t miss the opportunity to visit Peru. The COVID-19 pandemic has hitten the country pretty hard indeed, however, It doesn’t mean we can not fully recover.

Many measures have been applied in the last few weeks. Some industries had the chance to recover and move on so not everything is lost. Maybe in a not distant future, a large number of travelers can come to visit Peru as it was in the past.


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