Bus Accidents in Peru: Every Crash of 2020

2020 Updated information about bus accidents in Peru including links to recent news articles and important information about bus travel safety in Peru.

Unfortunately, it is a hard fact that bus crashes in Peru are frequent. From unreliable and untrustworthy companies, to unsafe roads and informal routes, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

Many travelers think that budget is the most important thing, and while it is important to maintain a budget, it is also very important to be reasonable with the budget that you set yourself. It is very unwise to sacrifice your personal safety in favor of $5. As a general rule of thumb you should research the route you plan on traveling, and try to make sure that you travel with a company that has frequent driver changes. Some companies use the same driver for 15 hours at a time, which greatly increases the danger and the likelihood of a crash.

bus accident in peru

There are certain bus routes that are known for crashes, robberies and hijacking. Crashes often occur along the coast in Peru as there is a dense fog that comes down over roads which have very little or no guard rails to keep the bus from going off route. The highlands are also a prime location for hijackings, as there are many small deserted roads for criminals to hide and box buses in. On the way to the highlands you will also encounter a lot of informal roads which can be dangerous when traveling at night, or after an earthquake, as many of these roads are prone to landslides which can add a lot of time onto a journey.

Another problem that is faced more and more frequently is the hiring of informal staff. This may not seem like such a huge deal on the face of it, but informal staff can present many problems. They may work with hijackers to accurately keep them updated on the location of the bus and informing them of where on the bus the tourists are sat. This is because it is known that the average tourist carries hundreds of dollars of electronics, as well as a reasonable amount of cash, much more than the average Peruvian traveler. Or, they can also pretend to help you with your things as they store it in the overhead locker, but in fact steal it, or to distract you as a thief on board takes your belongings. At the very least, informal staff are much more likely to be careless with your luggage than formal staff. Because of this, it is much more advised to use a bus company who works exclusively with documented and formal employees.

Despite all of the risks involved with Peruvian bus travel accidents, there is no need to panic as long as you take the proper safety measures. Seeing the country by bus is one of the best ways to do it as you have more opportunity to see everything as you pass, and of course maintain a smaller carbon footprint and help out local people. We have created helpful guides which outline not only the safest bus companies to take, but also the safest routes around Peru. There is no need to compromise your holiday, but it is also unwise to take unnecessary risks, especially when you are traveling using buses.

We have worked hard and researched many of the different companies involved in Peruvian bus accidents, and written advice blogs based on suggested journeys between the most popular destinations in Peru. You can check out which bus is right for you here. The companies that we have listed have a higher record of safety and overall value for money than others. That does not mean that nothing will happen, as no bus service is foolproof (in fact, there is only one service in Peru with a 100% safety record). However, these companies work harder to ensure that you and your belongings remain safe and secure.

Alternatively you can continue reading to find a list of the most recent bus accidents in Peru, and the ongoing effects of the crashes and the hijackings. Please note that petty theft is not listed, as it is too much of a common occurance to warrant a newspaper article, neither are bus breakdowns, or accidents without casualties.

Listed below are articles linking to the most recent bus accidents in Peru.


Here we have some cases of bus crashes in Peru.

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