The Best Time to Travel to Peru: Your Complete Guide

2024 Updated Information about the best time to travel to Peru according to which regions you want to spend time in- the coast, the highlands or the jungle.

The best time to travel to Peru is dependent on a number of factors. The first thing that you must understand is the differences between the regions in Peru. The best time to visit the highlands of Peru is different from the best time to visit the coastal region of Peru. As a traveler, you must consider what is the most import thing for you. As you travel, you will experience many different climates and altitudes, which you must take into consideration not only while you are deciding on the best time to travel to Peru, but also with what you should pack. Continue reading to explore the positive and the negative impacts of traveling to each region of Peru in the different seasons.


Because of its proximity to the equator, Peru has only two seasons. They are not the traditions “summer” and “winter”, instead, they are known as the wet season (or the Garau season on the coast) and the dry season. The coastal region has a different name for the wet season because the coast of Peru is desert. This means that there is rarely rain, no matter what time of year it is. Instead, the coastal region of Peru experiences thick fog, which is particularly prevalent in the capital city, Lima. This is because Lima is located inside a valley, which traps the moisture and creates the fog.

The Coast– Dry Season

The dry season on the coast runs from December to April. Temperatures get very high around these months, ranging from 28°C to 32°C. If you want to visit the coast, then this is the ideal time to visit, as you can expect sunny days and warm evenings, which is perfect for the beach. Check out our guides on Mancora and Lima to find out a bit more about the best places to visit on the coast of Peru.

the best time to visit peru on the coast

The Coast– Garau Season (Wet Season)

The Garau season runs from May to November. The Garau season means thick fog sweeps the landscapes. Outside of the capital, this is temporary as the wind sweeps it away, however, in the valleys of Lima, the fog stays. This makes it less ideal to travel in. While the coast is still very much worth a visit during this time, don’t expect hot sunshine unless you are further north in the country.

The Highlands– Dry Season

Perhaps this will surprise you, but the seasons in the highlands are different from those on the coast. The dry season in the highlands, where you will find most of the unbelievable hikes and scenery, including the famous Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain, runs from May until October. Rain is still a possibility during these months, but heavy falls are far less likely. It is worth noting that the average temperature is also lower during these months, so with the dry weather, comes the colder temperatures. Pack some gloves!

highlands of Peru

The Highlands– Wet Season

The wet season in the highlands runs from November until April. In fact, the rains get so bad that many tourism countries close their services out of safety concerns in the month of February. This includes the Salkantay trekking route- part of the trail turns into a river, and so the whole path is closed during this time, and also the Peru Hop bus service. Keep this in mind while you are planning your trip.

The Jungle– Dry Season

Even during the dry season, you can expect sporadic heavy rains, so make sure that you pack your clothing appropriately. The dry season in the jungle runs from April to November, and during this time you are more likely to be able to enjoy the scenery, although, with a climate like this, there is always the chance of very heavy rains.

Riverboats on River in Tambopata National Reserve in Peruvian Amazon Jungle

The Jungle– Wet Season

Despite the fact that there is less difference between the seasons in the jungle, the wet season, which runs from December to March, brings highs of 42°C, with more frequent rains. This isn’t all bad necessarily, as the high rains mean that the rivers swell, and areas that were previously inaccessible, tourists can now reach via boat- the typical mode of transportation in tours of the jungle.


In a country as spectacular as this one, there is no true best time to travel to Peru. It is sure that no matter when you go, you will have a great time. Remember to always pack appropriately for the time you will be visiting, and try to experience as much of this incredible country as possible!


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