Wild Rover: The Best Party Hostel in Cusco

Visitors to Cusco who are looking for a good party hostel will likely hear one name: Wild Rover, which is a well-known hostel chain in South America and notorious for its parties. So what differentiates this infamous party hotspot, if anything? Keep reading below for an in-depth comparison.

Wild Rover Hostel Best Party Hostel in Cusco


Wild Rover is located in the neighborhood of Santa Ana just outside of Cusco’s central plaza. Due to their location on the side of a hill, the hostel has great views of the surrounding city, Wild Rover is on slightly higher ground than other hostels in the area and seems to do a great job of using its facilities to showcase its incredible panoramic view. The location of the hostel is a short distance from the Plaza de Armas and it’s easy to walk or find taxis to get wherever you need to go.


Even if your primary goals are sightseeing and partying, it’s still important to have a clean and orderly environment to relax in at the end of the day. Wild Rover gets high marks here, with large cleaning crews of staff who are always busy tidying up. Of course, some messes are to be expected when you’re dealing with backpackers and parties, but Wild Rover does an admirable job of keeping up with the housekeeping chores created by hundreds of backpackers passing through on a weekly basis.

Food & Drinks

While all hostels have their typical standards, Wild Rover really stands out here. Wild Rover is owned by a group of Irishmen, so their food menu features a few traditional Irish meals alongside some tasty interpretations of international and Peruvian dishes. For drinks, Wild Rover offers the impressive full bar that you’d expect of any top-notch Irish bar and cheap daily specials to boot. With special offers on food before 9pm and happy hours than run from 7-8pm and 9-10pm every night, you already know you’re in for a treat.


Wild Rover has friendly and helpful staff to greet you and help you get situated in your room. The booking process is fairly straightforward and typical–you can book online directly on their website or with popular booking tools (as well as booking over the phone or through email). Wild Rover has a convenient wristband system for charging extra items like drinks and food, making it especially easy to add things to your account and pay when you check out.

Wild Rover Hostel Best Party Hostel in Cusco

Sleeping Accommodations

No matter how big of a party animal you are, it’s still always important to be able to get a good night’s sleep at the end of the night. Wild Rover really shines in this regard. Every bed is about as comfy as you could ask for, with new, high-quality linens and mattresses. Its bar is located in a separate building far away from any of the rooms, and they’ve also reportedly invested in new insulation, so it’s unlikely you’ll be kept awake by any late-night parties when you’ve gotta wake up early for a trek.

Daily Activities

Many hostels offer only nightly themed parties, but Wild Rover takes it up a notch with frequent daily activities such as sports tournaments, food events, Spanish classes, and many other fun and useful outings. These events give guests a chance to socialize and meet new people outside of the typical party atmosphere, often with a chance to learn about or participate in the local culture at the same time.

Wild Rover Hostel Best Party Hostel in Cusco

Party Atmosphere

If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are that the parties and overall atmosphere will be the most important deciding factor in choosing where to stay. Wild Rover is just that little bit more “wild” than all the other hostels in the area. You can expect to find a lively atmosphere at the bar every night with good music and creative themes. The clientele also tends to skew slightly older at Wild Rover, so you’re more likely to meet interesting people with stories to tell and diverse interests outside of drinking and partying. It’s also one of the only places you will find in all of Peru that boasts a busy bar every night of the week with free entry… even to guests who aren’t staying.

Final Verdict…

The atmosphere at Wild Rover has a perfect balance of all factors: good parties, attentive staff, convenient location, and excellent accommodations. In our opinion, it’s the best place to have a little fun and enjoy the incredible sights of Cusco and its surrounding area.

Wild Rover is the best place to party in Cusco


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