The 7 Best Museums in Lima

The incredible history and captivating culture of Lima has meant that there is an array of incredible museums dotted across the city. For those interested in learning all about the the Inca and Pre-Inca cultures that once thrived in Peru, Lima is the perfect place to come. Make sure to set some time aside to explore the best museums in Lima.

1. Museo Larco

Address: Av. Simón Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre
The abstract artwork here makes for a far from your typical museum experience. On show here is a gallery of naughty erotic pots from ancient times and collections of numerous artifacts from Inca and Pre-Inca ancient cultures. Moreover, there is a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy some traditional Peruvian cuisine from the delicious on-site restaurant.

Museo Larco Best Museums in Lima

2. Museo Pedro de Osma

Address: Pedro de Osma 421, Barranco 15063
One of the most impressive Peruvian art collections for the fifth to eighteenth centuries resides in this beautiful museum located in a historic family house in Barranco. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, and silver belonged to the incredibly talented Pedro de Osma Gildmeister (1901-1967) can be found on display.

Museo Pedro de Osma in Lima Peru

3. Museo Amano

Address: Retiro 160, Miraflores
Known for its beautiful collection of textiles and ceramics, Museo Amano is conveniently located in Miraflores. The incredible display was opened by a Japanese businessman who collected objects that had been discarded by tombraiders. This is the perfect stop off on your stroll around the bustling Miraflores.

Museo Amano

4. San Francisco Church Museum

Address: Jirón Lampa, Cercado de Lima 15001
This incredible colonial museum is widely regarded among as the most significant religious complex in Lima as it provides a marvelous insight on how religious life was during Spanish colonial times. The amazing church dates back to the sixteenth century and its significance was recognised when it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. It is known for its impressive colonial architecture, baroque paintings and vintage Spanish tiles. This site is a must-see for both art and history. Underneath the church, there are catacombs of low vaulted ceilings and limestone walls that are estimated to contain between 25,000 and 70,000 human remains that date back to the eighteenth century.

5. MALI (Lima Art Museum)

Address: Parque de la Exposición, Paseo Colon 125, Cercado de Lima
Located in downtown Lima, this museum is home to the city’s largest collection of paintings, photography, artifacts and pottery. Inside, the collections are split into four main areas: pre-Columbian, Colonial, Republican and Modern art. You will need at least a couple of hours to navigate the massive display, although it isn’t uncommon for people to spend an entire day here.

MALI Lima Art Museum

6. MATE Museum (Mario Testino Museum)

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 409, Barranco 15063
This beautiful contemporary art museum is fittingly located in Barranco, the bohemian quarter of Lima. The work here is dedicated to the world-renowned local photographer Mario Testino and includes portraits of iconic figures such as Princess Diana and Kate Moss.

MATE Museum Mario Testino Best Museums in Lima

7. Museo Pisco

Address: Jirón Carabaya 193, Distrito de Lima, Lima, Peru
Unlike all of the above, this unique place is not officially recognised by the city as a museum. With that said, you will leave here with an extensive knowledge of Peru’s national drink. A visit to Museo Pisco consists of everything from bartending classes on how to make pisco cocktails to history courses on the nation’s favorite drink.

Museo del Pisco

There are few countries who can claim to have a history and culture as fascinating as Peru. Visiting the best museums in Lima is an amazing way to take in this interesting history and culture. Make sure to set aside some time to explore Lima’s world-class museums on your visit to Peru!



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