The beauty of the Northern cities – 5 places you must see in Peru

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A large agricultural area that become very rich. Today it is one of the main tourist spots in the Peruvian Amazon. The northern district has many other cities like Amazonas, Cajamarca, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Loreto, Piura, San Martín and Tumbes.

With great hage of landscapes, biodiversity and natural resources because of the geographical conditions, you can feel the great difference between one and other, but the same hospitality and sympathy of their people. And please, let´s try the marvelous Peruvian gastronomy, even in the most modest places you can feel its strong taste.


Piura is famous for its colonial constructions. One of the most powerful regions of the northern Peru have miraculous lagoons, beautiful beaches and a large desert. There are famous beaches like Mancora, Vichayito, Lobitos, Colan, los Órganos and Cabo Blanco (the preferred beach of the writer Ernest Hemingway) which attracts surfers all over the world, searching for the perfect wave. Don´t forget to see the ancient temples and get some gift crafts by the Chulucanas and Catacaos. If you´re courageous enough you can schedule a trip to the Sechura desert – one of the expressions of God in the world.   

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Don´t miss the opportunity to see the Huaca de la luna y del sol, a religious temple with pre-columbian art adoration artefacts. The same way, the Urquiaga House concentrates some parts of the culture and religious art of the many historical moments, pre-columbian, colony and the emancipation of the Spain. The Plaza Recreo have the first Trujillo fountain, sculped in Italian marble, in baroque style, originally placed in Plaza de Armas, but relocated to make a kind of resting place for de habitants. Is quite lovely, deserves our visitation.

Chan Chan

In ancient times, 600 years ago, Chan Chan was a great Inca empire, very well planned, with over than 50 thousand inhabitants. The city was made of clay and stones, actually is one of the most important archeological sites in the world – Unesco has declared its complex as cultural patrimony of the humanity, in 1986. The best option is to take a guided tour with bus, early in the morning, for your comfort.

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Chachapoya, citadel of Kuelap

Chachapoya is one of the famous civilizations of Peru. The Incas dominated the ancestral culture in the 15th century. Years later, the Spanish conquerors named the city as San Juan de la Frontera de Chachapoyas. It has a small Plaza de Armas – a kind of square located in the middle of the city where the where military troops were gathered for a change of guard – small stone streets are preserved.  Some things are interesting there like the Gocta Waterfalls, lost ruins, the Revash funerary complex with Karajias sarcophagis and the Great Kueláp Fortress, considered by some historicists the second Machu Picchu.


A great city, full of beautiful places to see. In fact, the famous Inca baths are here and the place where Atahualpa the great Inca emperor was arrested and killed – the major stage of the conquest of the Spanish in 1533. In the Atahualpa´s time, Cajamarca was a place of rest, with bath places, nice resting rooms and woods. There you can find nice churches and cathedrals of the colonial period. So, enjoy the carnival parties and traditional Inca parties whose brings many visitors each year.


For whom likes ecotourism and bird watching it´s better not miss the Huembo Reserve. A great example of a community – based conservation. It´s awesome to appreciate the Peruvian Andean ecosystems. Supporting the sustainable tourism, all the tourism profits are distributed amongst all the community members. You can stay hosted in a lodge for a night and go to walk in the morning after a simple meal. You can feel this adventure in

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