Amazing Adventures in Peruvian Rain Forest

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Everybody ever heard about Amazonia Rain Forest in Brazil. What people don´t know is that Amazonia is like a continent, with 60% of its native forest in Brazil and 13% in Peru; also small parts in Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Guiana, Suriname and French Guiana.

The Amazon territory represents more than a half of the remaining tropical forests in the world and comprehends the bigger biodiversity in a tropical forest on Earth and one of the six great Brazilians biomes still resist.

victoria regia Amazing Adventures in Peruvian Rain Forest

The Peruvian Rain Forest

It´s the part of the Amazon which in circumscribed into Peruvian territory. It´s located near of the Andes Mountains, low people density and one of the great biodiversity and endemic population in whole world because its bioregionalisms, ecological floors and other characteristics. Most part of the biodiversity in Peruvian Amazon isn´t known or well-studied. It´s the second place in world rich in bird species and the third in amount of mammals. The great opportunity to do an ecotourism trip to enjoy the preserved nature.

What to do in Low forest

The low forest comprehend the region called Omagua, Walla or Amazon basin. The climate is very warm with temperatures between 28°C and higher relative humidity (more than 75%) and too much rain, so be prepared! You can see and flow in the great rivers like Amazon, Ucayali, Marañón, Putumayo, Javari, Napo, Tiger and Pastaza.

Iquitos – Great place to have fun with many things: native communities, dolphins, animal care project in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest. The best way to the backpackers who likes hard adventures.

Pucallpa –in the region of Ucayali, this city have a natural park and Yarinacocha lagoon, formed by the river Ucayali warm and calm waters. There the visitant can fish, skiing, swim, bow and watch birds and river dolphins.

Yurimaguas – Here you can see all the beauty of amazon jungle, with the endemic flora, fauna and native people as well. There are many excursions and tours specially developed for the foreign visitors.

Puerto Maldonado – Another place you can see the majesty of the forest. There are many guided excursions to explore it, with bird watching, boat trips, walking tour and many more.

puerto maldonado Amazing Adventures in Peruvian Rain Forest

What to do in High Forest

Also called Rupa-rupa, this place have mountains, forest and very higher woods. This ecoregion extends itself to the oriental floors of the Andes Mountains, between 400 and 1000 m high. Warm temperatures in the low parts and colder temperatures in the higher ones. The fauna is Amazonian but there are many endemisms (living beings which only habitats in this place and nowhere else on Earth – it happens because this rugged topography let this region in isolation.

Tarapoto – In this city you can do off-road jeep excursions, bus trip to the waterfalls, activities like bump-jumping, trekking and climbing. You can´t lose the opportunity to see the Ahuashiyacu Falls – it´s amazing!

tarapoto Amazing Adventures in Peruvian Rain Forest

Moyobamba – This is a big city, with some commodities you should need: cinemas, Cathedrals, Museum… you´d be surprised to take a rest in Baño Termales, in the location of San Mateo. So relax in a hot water…

Juanjui – very friendly and calm city, Juanjui is located in the region of San Martín, a large valley near the Huallago River, in the gate of the Abiseo River National park and the El Breo Falls. The routes to these places are made by the Abiseo and Huayabamba Rivers.

Natural areas protected in Peruvian Amazon

Peru have a Natural Resources Institute (INRENA) which is declaring many Amazonian areas as protection zones, by its different geographical characteristics, proper flora and fauna. Some of the protected areas are:

River Abiseo National Park, in Juanjui, in San Martin´s region.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve, in Loreto´s region.

Allpahuayo Mishana Amazing Adventures in Peruvian Rain Forest

Manu National Park, Tambopata Candamo National Reserve, Bahuaja Sonene National Park and Comunal Amarakaeri Reserve, in Madre de Dios region.

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