A tour in Lima – 5 places to meet for free!

It may be impossible, but a trip to Lima in Peru may come out cheaper than you might think!

In Lima, there are a number of tours that you can do for free and still have good meals for below-priced.

To help readers with an economical and super interesting trip, gather a short list of places to visit in the city. From beautiful colonial architectures to beautiful natural landscapes – you can pass the Peruvian capital with another sight!

Plaza Mayor

See the heart of Lima – The Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas de Lima. In this historic site there is a fountain surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings such as the Lima Municipal Palace, The Presidential Palace (Casa do Pizarro) and the Basilica Cathedral. Take the chance to see the “Changing of the Guard” in front of the Presidential Palace on Plaza Mayor. A great place to photograph, so arrive early to get a good place for the ceremony – the military dislikes taking pictures through the gate and you can be retired on the spot.

Peruvian House of Literature

The Literature House is a cultural space created in an old train station, set behind the Presidential Palace. A building full of books, paintings, artifacts, sculptures and Peruvian art in general. Get a good book and your cup of coffee and good reading!

Malecón Boardwalk in Miraflores

One of the most monumental places in Lima, 10 km from the road leading to a cliff top, with parks, gardens and cafes to report as energies. As it is close to the beach, many people enjoy the day surfing, hiking or simply having a picnic by the sea.

Love Park

Parque del amor is located in Malecon too and has a charming piece of art called “El Beso”, sculpted by artist Victor Delfin. This sculpture of two passionately kissing lovers is set within colorful walls of romantic mosaic quotes. Love is the air… So why not a romantic trip?

El Olivar Grove

Bosque El Olivar is located in the San Isidro district of Lima. It is a grove formed by 1500 olive trees imported from Spain in colonial times, ideal for resting from the bustle of the city. The park consists of 44 tree species, numerous colorful birds with benches and a pond.

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