Write For Us

If you’d like to write a guest post for HowtoPeru, feel free to contact me with your idea(s). I don’t pay for guest posts, but I’m more than happy to include a link to your blog or website as well as links to your Facebook page, Twitter profile etc.

Peru Guest Posts

There are plenty of different categories on this blog, so there’s room for all kinds of Peru-related content. Guest posts could be:

  • Town and city guides: If you know a place inside and out, write a short guide. Samantha Bangayan’s Huancayo Travel Guide is a great example. She lived in Huancayo, so she has the first-hand knowledge that I’m looking for.
  • Individual restaurant, bar and disco reviews: The places you know and love (or know and hate…).
  • Articles from female travelers in Peru: Being a man, I have some natural limitations when it comes to writing about the female travel experience. It would be great to have some guest posts (covering tips, annoyances, dangers etc) written by female travelers with a female audience in mind.
  • Photo posts: Photo posts are a great option if you’re not too big on writing. Send me some of your own photos with short and simple captions (ideally with some kind of theme) and I’ll happily consider them for publication.

Those are just some ideas; feel free to pitch other stuff, no matter how random. I won’t accept everything that comes my way, but I’ll certainly take the time to read and respond to all pitches and submissions (unless it’s spam).

Important, Please Read:

If you send me an email, please include at least a rough idea of an article title or concept (I’ve received some generic emails that don’t even mention Peru — these emails do not receive a response!). All guest posts must be original and previously unpublished online.