2020 updated information on Tepsa buses, their routes, and schedules. Discover all of the information you need to know before booking your bus ticket below.


TEPSA has been operating since 1953, and has since been growing exponentially in Peru, opening new routes and offering different types of buses to its passengers. In 2004 they invested in a new fleet of buses with traction control system, SCANIA motors, computerised gear system and ABS brakes making them Peru’s most modern bus fleet.


TEPSA offers three different buses. Here is a brief description of each bus:

  • PRESIDENCIAL- they include (145°) semi bed reclining seats, GPS system, TV, pillow and blankets, host, newspaper and magazines.
  • PRESIDENCIAL BED – all seats (160°) semi bed reclining seats, on board food service, host, GPS system.
  • TEPSA BED SUITE – 8 buses equipped on the first floor with 10 (160°) semi bed leather seats reclining, 26 (140°) semi bed reclining seats. And on some buses they include 10 (160°) semi bed reclining seats, and 26 (160°) semi bed reclining seats, in bus entertainment, TEPSA DIVER+, an exclusive offer which will allow you to enter through your device and enjoy over 30 movies, an extensive music library, and news. On board host and food provided.


TEPSA has a modern fleet of buses that offer comfortability and safe journeys on the road. But, in 2013 TEPSA’s on-board hosts robbed two American tourists, leaving them with no money or camera! In 2011 Tepsa suffered a hijack on the route Lima – Tacna, leaving over 45 passengers without their belongings. Unfortunately these incidents are quite common as other famous companies have also experienced the same issues. It is why, tourist companies like Peru Hop, offer a much safer route which might not be convenient for locals as this normally means taking the the longest way. Local passengers usually need to get faster to their destinations, so for them – or for people with a set schedule and short time, TEPSA and other bus companies operate this quicker but more dangerous route.


TEPSA covers almost all of the south and north of Peru. Some cities in the north include Chiclayo, Mancora, Lambayeque and Cajamarca. In the south they go to Tacna, Arequipá, Albancay. In the centre they go to Pucallpa, Tingo Maria, Chimbote. All of Tepsa’s schedules and bus routes are available on their website.


TEPSA has a modern fleet of buses and this has resulted in them having nearly no bus breakdowns. However, they have been subject to hijackers and their own staff robbing passengers’ belongings, as a consequence this has affected TEPSA’s reputation as a safe and secure way to travel in Peru. If you plan to travel in the South of Peru, Peru Hop offer exclusive stops during the journey and it is considered a much safer and better bus company.

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