Sandboarding Huacachina: A Complete Guide

There is no better feeling than standing on top of an enormous sand dune, board in hand and warm desert sun beating down from above. This is the reality for travelers who decide to try out sandboarding Huacachina. This is an activity that is growing in popularity, and it’s not at all difficult to see why. Throughout the day Huacachina is a haven of activity, there are market stalls, dune buggies and sandboarding aplenty, enough to satisfy even the most eager adrenaline seeker.

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Huacachina Sandboarding

Chances are, if you’re looking to sandboard, Huacachina is your top pick of location while in Peru. The largest sand dunes in South America are located here, as well as dune buggies and a party scene that is almost uncomparable in Peru- particularly if you choose to stay in Wild Rover Huacachina.

If you’ve never been sandboarding before, then think of what you know about sledding and convert it from snow to sand. With bigger dunes, faster boards and much, much warmer than its snowy counterpart, what is not to love? There are two ways to sandboard. You can either lay down on your stomach and zoom, or, for the more advanced, stand up as you might with a snowboard. Whatever level of experience you have, whatever style you would prefer to try, Huacachina has you covered.

Load up into a desert car dune buggy, and fly around on the sand. The drive itself is a thrillseekers wonderland, with hard turns and steep drops, before eventually stopping at the top of a steep hill, ready for the sand boarding to begin.

Cost of Huacachina Sandboarding

If you’re already in Huacachina, you can book your tour through Find Local Trips. A tour will cost you around $19, which gives you two hours of sandboarding with an experienced guide. We recommend getting the evening tour, as then you will be able to watch the desert sunset, which is a truly unforgettable experience.


Getting to Huacachina

There are two ways to get to Huacachina. The first, and easiest, is by Peru Hop. Peru Hop is a hop on hop off bus service that drives through all the points that most travelers want to visit in Peru. They give discounts in hostels and hotels, not just in Huacachina, but in all the cities and towns they stop at. Boasting an impeccable safety record as well as the comforts you can expect from other top-end buses, Peru Hop also shares extra tours with its passengers, allowing a full experience of Peru in comfort and safety. Peru Hop is the ONLY bus that can take you all the way to Huacachina.

The other option for traveling to Huacachina is by public bus- which will only take you as far as Ica, the relatively small city that sits nearby Huacachina. Once in Ica, you must get a taxi to Huacachina. Be aware that many taxis that operate in this area are affiliated with particular hotels or hostels, and will take you there instead of the place you may have reserved. Common taxi scams and overcharging is a normal occurrence here as well. And, as always in South America, make sure that the taxi that you get in is registered. Unregistered taxis are a danger that you must always look out for on your journey.

Weather in Huacachina

Summer in Huacachina runs from December to March. The hottest month of the year to go to Huacachina is at the back end of summer, in March. Temperatures reach around 30°c during this month, so if this is when you plan to go, ensure that you bring sunscreen and plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Winter in Huacachina is from May to August, with July being the coldest month when temperatures drop to around 11°c at their coldest.

There is not much of a rainy season to worry about in Huacachina, sandboarding will continue unaffected through the year, with a mere 3mm of rain falling in March. Check out this blog on Huacachina weather for more information.

If you’re hunting for thrill-seeking at the same time as a truly unique desert experience, then look no further. Sandboarding in Huacachina holds unrivaled beauty, and truly organic fun. Dive down steep dunes until the sun comes down, then party the night away in the best hostel fun in all of South America, at Wild Rover. Whatever you do, you will find that Huacachina is unforgettable.

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