Peru World Cup Qualifying Schedule for Brazil 2014

If you want to watch a football match while you’re in Peru, you can’t do much better than a World Cup qualifier. The South American (CONMEBOL) qualifying group is a tough challenge for all teams involved; the games will be tense, well attended and full of passion.

The top four teams in the nine-team qualifying group will progress to the World Cup finals in 2014, with the fifth-placed team entering an intercontinental play-off. Brazil, as host nation, does not need to qualify.

Can Peru make it this time? It’s been way too long since La Blanquirroja made it to the finals, but there’s always hope…


Peru vs. Paraguay at the Estadio Nacional (photo © BlackBird07, Wikimedia Commons)

Peru World Cup Qualifying Schedule and Results

A capitalised “PERU” indicates a home game.

October 7, 2011 PERU vs. Paraguay 2:0
October 11, 2011 Chile vs. Peru 4:2
November 15, 2011 Ecuador vs. Peru 2:0
June 3, 2012 PERU vs. Colombia 0:1
June 10, 2012 Uruguay vs. Peru 4:2
September 7, 2012 PERU vs. Venezuela 2:1
September 11, 2012 PERU vs. Argentina 1:1
October 12, 2012 Bolivia vs. Peru 1:1
October 16, 2012 Paraguay vs. Peru 1:0
March 22, 2013 PERU vs. Chile 1:0
June 7, 2013 PERU vs. Ecuador
June 11, 2013 Colombia vs. Peru
September 8, 2013 PERU vs. Uruguay
September 10, 2013 Venezuela vs. Peru
October 11, 2013 Argentina vs. Peru
October 15, 2013 PERU vs. Bolivia
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Where to Watch Peru’s World Cup Qualifying Games

If you’re in Peru when a qualifying match takes place, it’s well worth watching the game with the locals. It’s a good cultural experience; it’s also a good excuse to drink beer and shout.

There are two basic options:

On TV: If it’s an away game or you can’t/don’t want to go to the stadium, then get thee to a brewery. Or a bar. Or anywhere else with a TV, a group of Peruvians and plenty of beer. There are trendy(ish) sports bars in some of Peru’s big cities, but spit and sawdust establishments are normally more interesting and have a better atmosphere.

At the stadium: For home games, get some tickets and head over to the Estadio Nacional in Lima (or possibly the Estadio Monumental, check the details in advance). Getting tickets can be a nightmare, so ideally start looking as soon as they go on sale. Tickets for Peru’s first home game against Paraguay were available through the Tu Entrada website, Plaza Vea and Vivanda supermarkets, Inkafarma pharmacies and at the Estadio Nacional box office. I’m guessing that will be the state of affairs for all future matches, but things could change (I’ll update this info whenever necessary).

If you have more info about the best places to buy tickets, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m very tempted by Peru vs. Argentina in September… Anyone going?


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