Peru Blogs and Websites

Peru blogs and websites

This photo has nothing to do with blogs about Peru. It just makes me smile (photo © Tony Dunnell)

All of these Peru-related blogs and websites are well worth checking out. Some focus squarely on travel, a few are food blogs, and some are the musings of expats, offering a refreshing and insightful portrayal of life in Peru.

General Blogs and Websites About Peru

  • …en Perú – an excellent Peru blog packed with information. Not updated these days, but still covers a wide range of subjects including travel, history, culture and news.
  • ExpatPeru – an expat website with an active forum. The travel forum is a good source of info and answers for anyone traveling in Peru.
  • Peru Delights — For the “ins and outs of Peruvian cooking,” this is the place to go. Great recipes, beautiful photos and rich prose; you won’t find a better blog about Peruvian food.
  • Karikuy – a one-stop destination for tours and volunteering in Peru, complete with an excellent blog.

Expat & Location Specific Peru Blogs

  • Academic Troll — An “Off-duty anthropologist, travel and expat blogger observing life in Peru,” including people, places and food.
  • Life in Peru – an informative Peru blog by an expat living in Cusco.
  • My Slice of Peru – a fascinating expat blog about Chiclayo and the Lambayeque region.
  • Sin Polaris — a Lima-based blog about “being away from the comfortable, about trying the unknown, about experiencing the new, and about just like half a billion other blogs.” Sin Polaris is no longer updated because the blogger left Peru, but it’s still worth a read.
  • Streets of Lima – a witty, informative blog by an American with a fondness for the Peruvian capital. Rarely updated these days.
  • Tarapoto Life – another of my blogs, this one is about life in the jungle town of Tarapoto, San Martin.
  • Wawas in Peru — Covering “being a parent and an expat, cross-cultural relationships, bilingualism, maybe a few arts and crafts, being a working mom, Peruvian society” and more.

South American Blogs & Websites

  • FindLocalTrips The only website where you can search, compare and book the best tours in South America at local prices.
  • New World Review  — “Journal of food, drink and travel in the Americas.”
  • Gringos Abroad — a Canadian family living and traveling abroad (in Ecuador)
  • Land Cruising – follow the journey of Karin-Marijke and Coen as they drive their Toyota Landcruiser BJ45 up, down and all around South America.

Other Recommended Travel Blogs & Websites

  • Two Backpackers – Aracely & Jason travel the world sharing HD adventure travel videos, HD travel pictures and independent budget backpacking travel tips.

More Travel Planning and Insurance

  • Peru Hop– Peru´s first hop on hop off bus company, offering safe, flexible and fun way to travel to unique places in Peru.
  • Bolivia Hop –  Considered the best and safest option for crossing into Peru from Bolivia or leaving Peru into Bolivia by bus.
  • Travel Insurance to South America — A useful guide on things to do, what to bring, and things to look out for when traveling South America, including getting the right kind of insurance coverage.