2024 updated information on Civa buses, their routes, and schedules. Discover all of the information you need to know before booking your bus ticket below.


CIVA is a bus operator, with daily departures from main cities such as Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo with routes covering all Peru. With over 45 years’ experience as a bus operator, CIVA is one of Peru’s favourite bus companies. They were the first bus operator to introduce hosts in its fleet. Between 1999-2014, CIVA was the official bus operator for Peru´s national football team. Throughout the years, they have gained a good reputation for its quality customer service and buses with (160-180°) semi bed seats, and opening new routes around the country. Recently, they have been knocked off the top-spot with the new service, Peru Hop.


CIVA operates three different types of buses for passengers and one type of bus for heavy load:

  • EXCLUCIVA – Luxury travel with CIVA, offers seats (180° and 160°) reclining seats each with LCD monitors, GPS system, host, WC, speed controller (90 km/h)
  • SUPERCIVA – First floor (140°) semi-bed seats, second floor (160°) semi-beds seats, host, WC, GPS system, speed controller (90 km/h)
  • ECONOCIVA – All seats recline (140°), WC, GPS system, DVD and speed controller (90 km/h)
  • CARGO – you can send from suitcase to a letter through CARGO service. All buses are monitored via GPS, and lets you know once they arrive to destination.


CIVA, undoubtedly offer a good standard of service with comfortable and safe buses. However there have been videos circulating of bug manifestations on Civa buses and even though they take their precautions, they suffered a hijacking in march 2015, which is quite common on some routes – as other public bus companies have experienced the same issues.

Tourist companies like Peru Hop use the safest route, which might not be convenient for locals as this normally means taking the the longest way. Local passengers usually need to get faster to their destinations, so for them – or for people with a set schedule and short time, Civa and other bus companies operate this quicker but more dangerous route.


They cover different cities in the North (Chiclayo, Mancora), South (Puno, Cusco), Central (Ayacucho, Chincha). All of Civa’s schedules and bus routes are available on their website.


If you are planning to travel around Peru in style, CIVA has probably the best service with (180°) semi bed seats. This will enable you to rest on long journeys and be fully charged for when you arrive to your destination. Their economical bus option however is far less comfortable. For all backpackers and anyone who is planning on travelling on a budget in the south of Peru, then Peru Hop is a much safer and better bus company in our opinion.

Do you agree with us? Have you ever taken a CIVA bus? Or maybe you have taken another company not mentioned in our article? Let us know in the comments section!