Before You Go | How to Peru - Part 7
Wild Rover Hostel With Pool in Arequipa Peru - best hostels in arequipa

The Top 10 Best Hostels in Arequipa

2018 Updated: The Top 10 Best Hostels in Arequipa contain both party hostels and quiet family-oriented hostels Arequipa is a must-see city for any travelers to Peru so make sure to check out these Top 10 Best Hostels in Arequipa...

Currency Exchange in Lima Casa de Cambio

The Ultimate Guide to Currency Exchange in Lima

With millions of people coming through Lima every year from all corners of the world, the city definitely sees its fair share of visitors For that reason, you’ll find that Lima is very accommodating for changing various foreign...

Things to do Peru

Things to Do Before Going to Peru

Unfortunately, Peru travel preparation is not always as simple as packing your bags, booking a flight and setting off Before you begin your carefree backpacking trip to Peru, you'll probably have a few of life's boring little...

typhoid vaccine

Travel Vaccinations for Peru

Travel vaccinations what a drag Unfortunately, you need to start thinking about vaccinations for Peru well before you travel, as some vaccines require multiple shots or need to be administered a certain amount of time in...

Backpacking alone in Peru

Traveling to Peru Alone or With Friends?

If you're planning on traveling to Peru for a few days, weeks or maybe months, you might be weighing up the pros and cons of going to Peru alone or with your friends And that's a pretty important decision, as solo travel in...

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