Airport Express Lima

Airport Express Lima is the only official bus company that connects Jorge Chávez International Airport with Miraflores and San Isidro neighbourhoods, the safest and most popular part of Lima by tourists, a choice of stay for most international visitors. The airport in Lima is one of the busiest in Latin America and can be slightly overwhelming, especially once leaving the arrival zone. Although there are taxi services offered at the airport, they tend to be intrusive and overly expensive. Moreover, the vast majority of taxis in the capital are non-registered, which can put tourists at risk. Because the airport is located in the neighbourhood of Callao that is is not considered as safe, Airport Express Lima has been welcomed as a long-awaited safe, reliable, comfortable and economic alternative to the transportation from and to the airport in Lima.

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Airport Express Lima Bus

The bus route

Airport Express Lima operates between the airport and Miraflores, with twelve official bus stops across Miraflores and San Isidro, all of them not more than a five-minute walk from most known hotels and hostels in Miraflores and San Isidro. The buses have a regular service departing every 30 minutes, between 7am – Midnight (Airport – Miraflores) and 6am – 10pm (Miraflores – Airport). If travellers arrive before the official bus departure, they are welcome to relax on the board of the bus and make the most of the free Wi-Fi. If leaving from the airport to Miraflores, the guides at the airport counters are there to answer all questions. Moreover, the application on the Airport Express Lima helps to calculate how far is a hotel from the bus stops.

Airport Express Lima new bus route


Passengers can buy any ticket via website. If preferred, it is also possible to purchase ticket directly from the Airport Express Lima ticket counters located inside the airport or in the Miraflores and San Isidro bus stops if you are going to the Airport (In each stop there is an agent who collect cash payments only) . At the airport counters one can pay with credit card or in cash (Dollars, Peruvian Soles and Euros are accepted). The price for a one-way ticket is 8 USD (approx. 24 Soles), and a round-trip costs 15 USD. Tickets bought online do not need to be printed and can be simply presented on the phone.

Airport Ticket Counters

Airport Ticket Counters

The Airport Express Lima buses

The Airport Express Lima buses are new and were chosen with passenger’s comfort and safety in mind. They are large, with 40 spacious reclining seats. All buses are clean, modern and comfortable, with free on-board Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, TVs, a toilet and generous storage space for luggage.
Airport Express Lima Seats

Journey to/from the aiport

Traffic in Lima is chaotic, especially during peak hours between 7am – 9am and from 5pm – 9pm. In these times, the journey between Miraflores and the airport can take over an hour, outside of peak hours the journey usually takes around 45 minutes. As anywhere, if traveling to the airport, it is recommended to leave ahead of schedule, particularly in case of probable heavy traffic. For international departures, it is advised to arrive at the airport three hours before departure time, for domestic flights the recommended time is before two hours prior the departure.

Important info

Luggage: Airport Express Lima buses have no luggage limit.

Pets: Pets are allowed on the board if kept in an appropriately-sized box or a cage. The animals needs to travel in the baggage storage area of the bus. Assistance animals with the valid paper certification are allowed on the bus and need to sit on the floor.

Passenger benefits: Airport Express Lima has on-board both English and Spanish speaking assistants that help with arrivals. If passengers are new visitor to Lima, they provide useful tips and advice. Moreover, Airport Express Lima offers several discounts and special deals with the partnering companies.

Contact: Consult for further information regarding bus stops, timetables and all other necessary information.