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Chinchey (and Palcaraju)

Chinchey and Palcaraju Mountains

Chinchey: 6,222 meters (20,413 feet), Cordillera Blanca

Nevado Chinchey, located about 28 km northeast of Huaraz, is the highest peak in the Chinchey massif of the Cordillera Blanca. Chinchey is rarely climbed, with mountaineers preferring the nearby Palcaraju, a three-peaked mountain about 5 km from Chinchey (both mountains are labeled on the image above). Palcaraju is approximately 6,200 meters.

In 2012, two American climbers, Ben Horne and Gil Weiss, died while attempting to scale the south face of Palcaraju Oeste. Their bodies were found after a days-long search.

(photo Ondando, Wikimedia Commons)

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